1. Many of us might sound like broken records, but how wonderful is it to see Alex and Williams doing well? It makes us all happy.

  2. And there is no added pressure on Albonooo

  3. Problem with Domenicalli is that he would replace them with more pointless sprints.

  4. This is a nice suggestion. 30 minutes flat out for everyone.

  5. I arrest you for using adolf site hich is 9+ 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  6. So they fly super low to remain undetectable or avoid anti-aircraft missiles ?

  7. One leads to the other :) Mind you everything I'm about to say is a simplified generalization and not always true- The sensors used to detect and track or "lock on" to aircraft more or less require line of sight. Also, much like visually seeing something can be harder depending on what is behind it (wearing camouflage next to a bush) radar can get confused when looking at the ground. This can even apply to "heat seeking" devices.

  8. Oh this makes so much sense now, thank you for taking the time to explain this!

  9. The LH era is over. He’s been a very polarizing driver for awhile but it’s done.

  10. When it rains it pours. People on this sub literally take shots at Lewis whenever possible. Enjoy it I guess, won’t be long

  11. F1 "News Reporters": BREAKING Hamilton FURIOUS at Mercedes!!! Removing KEY PERSONNEL in fit of RAGE

  12. It’s not that deep bro, it’s engagement with the fans who constantly ask what’s new with the car.

  13. is anyone staying at this point? vasseur’s gonna have to comme down from the pitwall to change tyres himself😭

  14. Perhaps bring Vettel in at this point. TP, Chief strategist, mechanic, inspector, social issue ambassador, cleanliness man and overall Ferrari legend.

  15. 1 race and the sport is on fire. I’ve watched f1 for a few years and this is an over reaction from everyone.

  16. I agree 100%. All they need to do is spend on catering

  17. It's crazy how seemingly everyone (me partly included) always expects Mercedes to just return to their dominance. That's the psychological damage of their domination.

  18. This is true and makes so much sense. As a Mercedes supporter I look at each weekend with a renewed hope. Like my trust is unwavering. I somehow believe they’ll win and I can’t comprehend a team like red bull winning so much. It really makes for an excellent case study

  19. Can’t tell if this is a joke or not, but drivers have inputs that are priceless while building a car. Especially inputs from people like Alonso, Lewis, Vettel

  20. It seems Toto has gone pure darkside and shall soon execute Order ... Catering :).

  21. I’m not sure if I’m correct, but last year they wouldn’t opt for high downforce due to the bouncing no?

  22. The opposite actually - they used high downforce wings a lot of the time because they couldn’t run the car low enough to get the floor working properly. Higher downforce wings compensated for that but at the cost of drag. It’s part of the reason why they had decent cornering performance but we’re slow in a straight line most of the time.

  23. Oh I see, I got it twisted then ! Thank you for taking the time to explain it


  25. I have F1 TV and don’t get stuff like this recommended ? Is there a different tab to view these sort of interviews ?

  26. Like there is revenue generated by Formula 1’s YouTube channel every time they upload a video. so I was wondering who it goes to or whether the same is reinvested back into the channel

  27. IMO, I always wondered why it wasn’t possible for her to do this, especially in ranked when the enemy team would guard the banner. It’s a waste but sometimes super useful if the enemy team is on the bottom floor guarding the banner.

  28. Just imagine how helpless you could become if water fills up slowly 🙂

  29. Hi OP, I stumbled upon this and plan on getting mine soon. How has your purchase been ?

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