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  1. Germany is known for its kinky sex, looks like a 3some.

  2. They said 300 Spartans were not enough against the Persian army too.

  3. Yes, because the Spartans were highly trained soldiers, with decades of training, while the Persians were mostly random average Joes, minding their business on the fields until the Sultan or whatever drafted them into war. The Spartans also knew the territory and used it to their advantage.

  4. I would say we are the Spartans. Over 2 years we have learned the Dark Side of the capital market structure and how this fraudulent system works. The Persians took the Spartans lightly. They believed that their numbers and prior conquest would automatically lead to victory over 300 warriors. We have our Phalanx in DRS. Hedgies underestimate how regarded we are. THIS IS SPARTA!!! Take no prisoners! They are locked in here with us. 200,000 against the whole US Capital Markets. Who are the Spartans you ask? You remind me of Ephialtes right now.

  5. First of all, stop explaining to a greek what you think the Spartans were or were not. All you know about the Spartans comes from a stupid Zack Snyder movie with questionable cinematic style choices.

  6. They come straight from Gamestop. Why would they lie on official forms?

  7. Uhh are you still there? Let me know once you’re ready i can log back jn

  8. Hi, sorry, yes I am available. Give me 5 mins pls. Need to transfer the Zapdos from home

  9. Frankreich mir bite den Revolver ich halte den Shcmerz nicht merh aus.

  10. I agree with you. People are too concerned about the end result, whether or not the fight actually will change anything in the end. That's not the point. The point is there in the name: "punk", it's about the fight. Things aren't going to change until someone fights back. Maybe it'll change things, maybe it won't. Definitely won't if you don't try and do something about it. I see all this "the main theme is that nothing will change"; that's not punk, that's more goth. Don't get me wrong, I love me some good goth story, but it's not punk. "He fought with all he had, but was doomed from the start." Yeah, that's goth. The kind of thing that makes you think "What was the point then?" Punk is more "We're not going to take it!" So if you guys want to indulge in the "inevitability" of whatever dystopian future you like, please do, I'll probably join you. But stop calling that cyberpunk. Besides, I don't play cyberpunk only to be told "There was never any point to any of it." I play to fight back. To make a difference. Whether that's just to me, my loved ones, my community, or the world at large, it doesn't matter. That's why we fight, because we're punk.

  11. Think about it. That's at least 7.5 to 15 million of our DRS'd shares at the DTCC. Imagine true DRS count being at 90+ million.

  12. Posts like these once more demonstrate, that people have no Idea what constitutes a "good movie".

  13. I am thinking about this for over a year now. Implement our own forum. Procrastinating too much to actually do it though... Problem would be how to handle members? Only allow DRS'd apes? How to ensure that?

  14. No one was hacked in this case, but I still think it was a clever social engineering attempt. I tried to explain it as well as I could in comments, but I focus most of my time in network security and bug bounty hunting so don’t take my word for it.

  15. `Darknet Diaries` (Podcast) For Real Life Examples, Stories And Shinaniganaries.

  16. Batteries on these last about 12 years I know, I have one.

  17. I'm aware of that, as mentioned, my friend has one of those things too... Still: this needs to be balanced.

  18. Actually, that's a philosophical question. Does it need to be balanced? Really? I think Balance is not really a compelling argument for a lot of games. As long as the systems are clear, and detailed enough, balance is something that the players decide is important, either to fight, or flee. Having a Boston Scientific ICD with a 12 year battery life, BUT the battery would need to be replaced if it discharges the defibrillator, seems to be fine. The device is expensive, but apparently, the batteries, not so much. ( but then there is that three month time where one cannot raise their arms above horizontal, unstil the scars heal. that would limit mobility.) Balanceto me is cramming as much of the realism as could fit. Now if I wanteda balanced system, I would play Herosystem, but CP Red, is a streamlined and somewhat blunted version of the CP2020 rules and there, tactics often overcame balance.

  19. Okay... Rude... Well then good luck with your shitty offer.

  20. Not sure if op can’t understand you or just being extremely rude…

  21. I'm just flabbergasted. I took 5 minutes of my day to formulate a compassionate, easy to understand answer, since another commenter basically wrote that his offer is worthless. And then I got called a bot. People are dicks sometimes.

  22. Yo miller, mate, any possibility for me to SERVE as a mod?

  23. There’s a possibility for anyone to serve, but yes, it’s up to the community. 💕

  24. I am only annoyed I didn’t anticipate that and didn’t back up all the posts but only retrospectively backing it up now with the hope that someone has listened and sent some Of those articles and posts to

  25. Yo historian, I got banned from that sub, just fyi. Fuck them. Those mods should resign.

  26. For what!? Your dd is safe and backed up - see my latest post (the actual ipfs latest post)

  27. I made a post about Peruvian Bull's recent tweet and it got taken down immediately without further explanation. This was the last straw for me, since this happened so many times recently. I made a post asking the mods respectfully to step down, because I think they are abusing their power. I was kinda asking for it, but damn it felt nice to stick it to those fucking shills.

  28. Definitely a compromised mod team, that is for sure! Really makes you wonder how much they're being paid by Kenny & co.

  29. There will be no way to confirm or deny this whole thing based on the very, very limited data we get in quarterly reports.

  30. Mate, all I'm sayin' is I think it a) doesn't hurt and b) is worth a try.

  31. If a bunch of apes end up canceling their recurring buys then it does hurt. A LOT.

  32. Recurring buys can be easily turned off for the DRS counts and then turned back on again.

  33. How can you round up to a full share if ComputerShare only allows a sum of money for buy orders and not a specific amount of shares?

  34. I mean instead of just selling your .9 fractional, buy some more and then sell the .3 rest.

  35. I think it feels so sudden because it's being "suppressed" so hard.

  36. This was already brought up by banned OG apes months ago. It was suppressed hard back then and is still suppressed now. It's not "sudden".

  37. So zynisch das auch klingt: Hochzeits "DJs" sind glorifizierte Spotify Top 100 Playlists. Ich kann verstehen, dass Leute auf Hochzeits DJs verzichten. Sie sind teuer, die Inflation bricht allen das Genick und irgendwie sind sie unnötig.

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