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  1. ADBE doesn't have 0DTE options at the beginning of the week.

  2. Yeah my bad, it was a 4DTE (same as today), that’s my fault. With that being said, it’s still fairly illiquid though. Example: $ADBE has an ITM open interest of 633 for this Friday. $COST on the other hand has an ITM OI of 1.16k for this Friday. $COST $420c for this Friday is priced at $1.31, $ADBE on the other hand with a $440c for this Friday is priced at $3.00. Both with a $5.00 spread on the current SP.

  3. Tbh I don’t think you should be downvoted. You didn’t edit out your post, u kept the deleted parts that showed u were wrong

  4. Not saying it’s good at all but it makes perfect sense. They need capital, either can’t get it from creditors or would pay punishing rates and their stock is worth dick right now anyway. It’s a Hail Mary play. Again, NOT good at all, but makes sense

  5. Oh most definitely, they obviously need capital given this ad 😂 … but to market or promote an ad to the general public which is outside of their target audience, that being shareholders, it seems very desperate. I am surprised their marketing team got the OK for this ad which I saw on my Reddit feed. It looks very desperate which is not a good thing/sign for any company whatsoever, lol.

  6. When you’re that desperate maybe you just lay your cards on the table, hope people sink a couple bucks in for the novelty and vote your way for the experience 🤷‍♂️

  7. Haha, maybe, but imagine being a shareholder and seeing that from the company you’ve invested in … I’d be, let’s say, not to enthusiastic of continuing to invest or hold said stock. There’s definitely more appropriate channels to push this narrative, I don’t believe social media was the right approach, sometimes certain actions are more detrimental then beneficial. But I know what you mean, sometimes it is what it is, the problem is that investors and shareholders would see this issue right away which would make them more pessimistic more then ever. This was not a good move in my opinion. I was surprised to have seen it on my Reddit feed lol

  8. Yeah, it’s currently not really tradable at all. I’m a bit surprised as I was hoping for at least a bit of volatility.

  9. Bro, do not listen to anyone here. That stiletto is a blue gem and is worth quite a lot. See the patterns here:

  10. It actually does say delisted, it says as of May 3, 2023 that the stock will be suspended which is what happens when a stock is delisted, it is usually suspended and then begins trading in its OTC market which would then be under the ticker name BBBYQ.

  11. account created jan 28,2021 i don’t trust you and considered a shill in my book

  12. Man, shut the fuck up. Go look at my post history you doorknob.

  13. I’m only down 89.8% thanks to the 5k shares at 31 cents today. Otherwise I’d be down something crazy like 90%

  14. Important to note that Cellar Boxing isn’t an actual thing. It is a conspiracy theory that ignores market mechanics and is not actually possible as an arbitrage opp on any scale.

  15. Important to note, Cellar Boxing is in fact a real thing and definitely not a conspiracy theory.

  16. There is a single Benzinga article from 2010 and an article from the attorney declaring victory, with DOJ and SEC saying that no fund was ever set up for the shareholders.

  17. The basics of cellar boxing is reducing a stock to a sub penny price by creating a large number of naked shares via naked shorting. (this is not a conspiracy)

  18. Buy without limit orders is bullish - selling without NOT!

  19. Yeah, the selling part is the biggest concern for why using limit orders is so important.

  20. So you don’t eat spread. Not all brokers are committed to getting you the best execution on your order so if you’ve been waiting for a dip and u decide to pull the trigger at 0.69, your order might end up getting filled at 0.71. If you set the limit order for 0.69, your broker will only purchase for you if/when the price hits 0.69.

  21. Where are you pulling this data from? I am just curious.

  22. Great points and I agree that the game could be much darker in both them and cinematics, but its nice to see the direction they are leaning towards.

  23. I've played Diablo since 1996. I enjoyed Diablo 3 in very short bursts, which is how it seemed to be intended after years of fixing it to be what it was. Diablo 2 as you'd expect from a long time player was clearly my favorite of the series.

  24. These are great points and I agree, as a D2 fan, I see a good foundation here for them to build on, it will just come down to what they do with the game.

  25. If you are a holder of the preferred stock the 9.99 percent is not in effect, yet the underlying shares have to be accounted for in the float. There is the possibility that this is purposely done that way and for that exact reason. They don’t have voting rights though. So for the vote I don’t know, they could have to be converted. Also it simply could be several holders. Many possibilities in that regard. We know that there have been takeovers that have been done in secret using different tactics to not have to disclose anything until everything is wrapped up.

  26. Great points, and sorry for the impact to the “float”, I meant public float.

  27. These are great questions and perspectives, also regarding the 9.99% clause, maybe it is only in reference to diluting which would mean to actually sell the shares to the open market, perhaps it is not applicable to converting the warrant to common stock and holding them in reserve.

  28. Well, the GME meltdown sub is having an aneurysm at the moment and it’s fucking hilarious. GG

  29. Try verify integrity of files in steam if you haven’t already.

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