1. Mostly total strangers with no need to be honest though.

  2. Total opposite - imo. What is someone gaining from lying on a forum?

  3. What would someone actually gain by taking time out of their day to respond to a specific question on a CPS forum on Reddit, but lie in their answer. Enlighten me. I’m curious.

  4. Oh my word. NO. Never ever. You’re allowed to still be an adult just because you had a kid

  5. Not even reading the post. To answer your title question: IMMEDIATELY NO.

  6. Dawg, I think of Gumby's ranch at least once a season. Overdosing on pokey stix and pepperoni rolls drenched in it played a key roll in some of the best times of my life.

  7. Ahhh yes. Gumby’s. Where you could stuff your face with anything and it’s still delicious bc you’re hammered and hungry.

  8. I used to LOVE Max and Erma’s ranch before they changed it to generic and runny. After having a dry spell - I finally found one even better. Pat and Gracie’s in Clintonville I’m in love.

  9. I've had the Solo Burger and it did not blow me away. Same muted smell and short lasting effects.

  10. I was just about to say this. Solo Burger was so stinky I had to leave a store bc I forgot it was in my purse. The second batch I got from the same place wasn’t near as stank.

  11. All the time. Often my mom, but mostly and almost always the “guests”. (eye roll)

  12. I just browsed your profile and you might be one of the most beautiful souls I’ve ever encountered. You have endured so much personal pain in such a short amount of time. You have experienced more in 23 years than some people will experience in their lifetime. You are a survivor.

  13. Whew that was written so lovely. After reading just this post, I thought the same exact thing! OP seems like such a kindhearted human :)

  14. Why even involve cps? Sounds like you could avoid a whoooole lotta paperwork by just continuing down the road you’re on. Your ideas are perfect. Who’s stopping you?

  15. why does everybody hate hypothetical questions so much? is it just too much nonsense information you have to keep track of on top of all the other real information? do you just hate the sound of their voice?

  16. I was thinking this exact thing. Like what’s wrong with talking about how the world was made and shit?

  17. I remember back when I went to College I'd get the bus at the same stop every day. One warm day there was a weird smell, I thought someone left a fish in the sun but I couldn't see one. After a closer look I saw someone had wedged a used condom between the post and panel of the bus stop and hadn't tied the end so I was actually smelling rotting sperm. Fun times

  18. Lol @ all of us who’ve been serving too long and know this tactic all too well. If they avoid eye contact as they’re walking out - I also KNOW it’s going to be a bad tip.

  19. It’s a 24hr notice. That’s proper time to get everything ready and to be prepared….

  20. Not at all. Have you ever worked in a restaurant kitchen? Trucks come once a week to deliver stock based on inventory taken to serve the restaurant. Absolutely no way this restaurant had enough product, or got it easily in a 24 hour window.

  21. yes i do work in a restaurant and we deff get more than one delivery a week

  22. That’s super! But still doesn’t make 24 hour notice an easy task for a 2k something order.

  23. Oh interesting! What website? The contacts plus shipping seem to be quite expensive. Can you order them without a prescription?

  24. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any other options and ended up using Vision Direct UK, then shipping the contacts to a UK address via Forward2Me before Forward2Me shipped them to my US address. The pricing may have worked out because contacts cost more on US websites than UK websites?...

  25. I did 1800 contacts 20 dollar prescription thing mentioned above- totally worth it!! They def don’t scan your eyeballs lol, but they have you stand back 10 feet from your phone and read the letters out loud and you can download the script then use it wherever. Waaaay better than paying 100 some at a doctors office.

  26. I'm not trying to say this in a mean way, but it might sound that way... I'm just wondering, if you know you are a loud chewer, how come you don't work to change that?

  27. Definitely can’t deal with loud chewers. My dad- great guy with awesome manners (obviously chews w mouth closed)- idk what the mechanical issue is, but no matter how he tries to chew quietly , it just cannot happen. I’ve left the table before bc I lost my appetite.

  28. Overdose me on morphine, dilated, propofol, Xanax or all of the above please. If we’re talking natural - 90 mph head on car accident, falling off a sky scraper, shot to the head - basically anything where I don’t see it coming and it’s over when it happens.

  29. Server here- nope. All included. Now if you want to add some… we won’t be mad :)

  30. I've found 3 that really get it done for me in our program... Shoki from Grow Ohio (Lime Kush x GMO/TK Skunk), LA Kush Cake from both Ancient roots and Rhythm, though I liked the AR better, and my personal favorite Concrete Jungle from Certified (LA Kush Cake x Jungle Cake).

  31. In my experience, if you're after specific effects, you need to chase genetics. Across 30 or so different strains, I've found effects specific to strains that I don't get by matching THC levels or terpenes from other strains. Specifically, the pressure behind the eyes melty goofy grin that soothes my anxiety like no other, only seems to come from strains with Kush genetics. It seems to be certain combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes and how they interact with each other, that gives any given strain it's effects.

  32. Can you share your fave kush strains? Looking for something with those exact effects.

  33. YTA. If it were a school bus, would you make people stand so your backpack can take up the whole deat? Hail to the nah. It’s basic etiquette to move your stuff. You can’t just assume someone doesn’t want to sit next to a stranger. They probably feel rude asking you to move.

  34. That's a kickass owner. Sadly at my restaurant they cater to all the con artists and Karens.

  35. Is it a chain? That sucks. I’ve been serving so long I hated working at places where the customer is always right. At the very least, back up your employee’s when it’s obvious the customer is a dick or just wants a free meal. My advice? Go somewhere else if you can. I spent way too many years in restaurants that didn’t respect their employees bc I thought finding a better place was hard.

  36. WHY and how can they even consider that a fail if you have a prescription medical card from a doctor? So someone could take the test, pop for Percs, Xanax etc. and pass bc it’s prescribed, but they would fail you because you medicate with a plant? Seems more of a liability to hire someone on pills than weed. Also seems kinda illegal to tell someone they can do one prescription but not another. but what do I know

  37. If anyone wants one that gives no F’s , DM me. Doesn’t take Medicaid, (out of pocket is pricey) but will def prescribe ya!

  38. Cotton is fine. It’s good for clotting. It will just rinse out when they wash their face. You are incorrect about the blemishes. They don’t have sacks they have cores which she is indeed extracting. You see her wipe them on the gauze.

  39. I disagree. I’m probably wrong about the terminology here (cyst, sac whatever) but I can absolutely say for certain she did not get the whole plug out on many of them. No, none of it is one and done - have you seen their face? They obviously will need further treatment maybe lifelong, but it’s more beneficial to remove the whole plug than not.

  40. This series had driven me nuts. It’s awesome, but it feels like she’s only half assing her job. She picks at these big scabby areas, gets a little blood and pus, then moves on with the scab still hanging on. If you’re going to dig into those things, don’t just leave scabs dangling from this poor person’s face.

  41. I said the same thing. Come on people it’s really not that hard. If you’re gonna poke and squeeze at least make it thorough.

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