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  1. I have it hooked to a 5 gallon bucket right now. It all depends on how thirsty the plant is.

  2. Do you just put the nutrients in the mix and it gets the nutes all the time? Or do you use powder nutes?

  3. I’ve been doing some homework and that’s the only part I’m kind of confused on. What type of nutrients do you use and what are you using compared to the recommended amount?

  4. Yeah I make em all the time. Only downside is you pop em like a fuckin animal

  5. Ac infinity makes a nice small unit. The cloud forge T3. You can set a target RH and it will maintain the set humidity.

  6. I know I was going to order one but they’re on back order till may 15. So I had to get a different type now I just need to control it

  7. If you go on the AC website to that product you can ask them to notify you when it’s in stock. I got an email a couple weeks ago to “pre order” it. But when I paid for it , it shipped the next day.

  8. If you have a lockout don’t you flush? I’m on my 3rd grow and have been flushing from the start

  9. You can Google: The Armoire home grow system

  10. The Living Room is a metaphor for in the house. Not the garage or basement. A lot of people live in small apartments and in that case there is nothing as stealth/Trojan Horse as the Armoire.

  11. Anybody sees a odd shaped box in your apartment they’re gonna ask what it is. Shits not worth it for 2k

  12. Not sure why any of these people haven’t told you To put your herb in a mason jar, close the lid, but in in the oven for 50 min at 240 shaking half way. Perfect decarb and just about zero smell.

  13. Your supposed to flush with ph balanced water? I was told to just run tap through it

  14. Humidity is gonna spike significantly the bigger they get, hope your exhaust is running 24/7.

  15. My exhaust is running 24/7 on setting 8 all the time. Isn’t that what your supposed to do?

  16. I just looked real quick. He’s using 2 gal pots, but he got pretty nice plants from it! I didn’t do any lst or topping this run. Just gonna let em do their thing. They’re in ocean Forrest getting botanicare flower and sweet berry.

  17. Maybe the marbles are a set weight for each color. Either way looks cool

  18. If that’s a legit Mazar (what’s your source?) they dislike nitrogen. I learned that lesson on about 4 or 5 landrace Afghani varieties. They all disliked additional nitrogen

  19. Some dude had em locally. It definitely looks to be a sativa dominant based off the skinny leaves. When I get back home I’ll look at the bag they came in and let you know on genetics

  20. I started this with coast of Maine then transplanted into fox farm ocean forest after like 10 days

  21. I think you need to take the bags off man once you get a couple of true leaves on there

  22. Oh really? I usually leave em on for the first week but this will only be my third grow, I’ll take them off

  23. That’s a very good idea, thank you! I’m always looking for the most budget friendly and I think the small tent idea is probably worth the purchase for drying. Appreciate you both for the help.

  24. What sort of bugs? Not all soil-dwelling insects are harmful to your plants. Identifying the type of insect will also help ensure you’re using the most effective type of repellent/killer rather than just blasting with a broad spectrum pesticide that’s only somewhat effective against some insects.

  25. They’re looking like aphids and I had aphids during my last grow usuing the same happy frog bag

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