Clean from heroin for 1 year tomorrow! It was hard, but worth it! Feeling proud & wanted to share! (OC)

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  1. Most definitely far your on a roll on your posts.. do what feels right. What's your end goal?

  2. I know I ask obvious shit I just have nobody to ask around me. Im just looking for reassurance so I don’t fuck it up 🤷‍♂️

  3. Lol that’s all I use Reddit for to learn shit and on the occasion to piss ppl off bc everyone on Reddit seems to get pissed real quick

  4. Yeah Reddit full of bitches but you come across some good knowledge every now and then

  5. How do y’all stretch bud so far. An Oz last me about 2 weeks with just me smoking it

  6. Ill just shoot my shot. Completely new to the sub and all of this. Haven’t pulled the plug as space is a problem for me but this setup looks like something I could possibly fit in my apt. Would anyone be willing to assist me on what to purchase and how to start? I appreciate any insight. Thanks!

  7. I’d say I got at least a good 6 inches extra from the sides to the back. What size is your tent? Mine has a base of 3 x 3. I had quite a bit of extra tent, fit fairly loose over the frame. It’s definitely tight when you put the bamboo behind the back corner posts. They’ve bend fairly easy though so you can kind of form them and as you adjust them and get more in place. You’ll kind of see how it takes shape. You have to be careful that the ends don’t puncture as you are sliding them in place.

  8. Ac infinity 2x2. I just finished my first grow, it’s drying as we speak. I’m gonna buy a 2x4 or 4x4 for my next run In like 3 weeks

  9. Aug 14 I’ll be 2 years clean from percs and Xanax. Shit was the hardest but keep pushin homie

  10. Buy Gaia greens 444 and that's all you'd have to add, do you usually grow with coco?

  11. U are 100% gonna need the 4-4-4 AND the 4-8-4. Also you are going to need a PH meter and PH up or Down cause it’s coco. Also gonna need Cal Mag. Use the 4-4-4 and Ph your water to 6.5. Use the cal mag every time you water. I’m in Coco now using Fox Farms nutes. That medium has no nutes in it.

  12. I have the ph meter ph down cal mag. So when flower starts just use 444 and 484? I’m kind of lost at the moment and starting this grow within the week

  13. I typically face a blunt of like 1.5-2 G like 2 hours after I wake up then I’ll smoke with friends after work. I go through an Oz every 10 days ish at 250-300 an Oz. I don’t like smoking garbage so I spend a bit extra

  14. May be a dumb question but can you put neem oil on buds, or is that used only in veg?

  15. Retrofit the stocks. Those gtr style lights look good, but put out dog shit for light

  16. Coco for cannabis dot com. My source snd methods minus all the extras.

  17. She knows her tits on point. Y’all should just post the video and not say shit

  18. God damn I’ve had 3 v6 accords and never came across this sound and I beat the balls off those cars. This thing must of been to hell and back

  19. What the cookie dough? I’m still running the deeze runtz by gas reaper genetics and I have another Carmel frappe sprouted just to run those out but so far thc tone is a dub for me! The smoke is allright but the original post is dean on! Don’t waste 3 months on this strain I have yet to run the cookie dough and the super og cookies

  20. This is what my local guy had. Cookie dough is super OG X dosido, I’m hoping for it to be fire.

  21. I just did a run with thc tone genetics and to be honest there’s frostier buds but it’s huge and it’s pretty good I also have the super og and cookie dough I’ll run and keep ya posted

  22. I have cookie dough autos too. I’m about to pop after the drying process is done. I’m about to chop my first grow within the week 😁😁

  23. Shit man I live in a illegal state and I get mailed here. No problems it’s discrete.

  24. I think there is only 4 spots in the whole state where you can legally grab seeds. Anything in the mail is still illegal wherever since it’s crossing state lines/ possibly country lines

  25. Check out The Seed Celler. They are out of Michigan. I’ve ordered from them at least 6 times and haven’t been disappointed yet. If you live close they have a store in Jackson (I think) where you can walk in and pick up.

  26. I’m over here in Virginia but I’ll for sure check out these sites. Send em to my buddies house or something

  27. Yuck...carbon interior again. So cheap looking...


  29. If you try to talk to them and they won't listen to reason, your next step is vandalizing the car. The problem is they then will know it was you.

  30. No if you come off as a dick head with a attitude nobody will listen. Just speak to em rationally and maybe you’ll get somewhere in your future endeavors 🤷‍♂️

  31. Looks great, if you would like a better opinion I would be more than happy to smoke a tester! Nicely done!

  32. I cut legit all the fan leaves and was told my nugs won’t continue growth because the plant will focus on creating leafs or something along those lines. I think it’s looking pretty good for such a big mess up

  33. You did good and it's not that big of a mess up. Look up schwazzing I usually chop most of my fan leaves but I do a SOG so I need to for lighting purposes.

  34. I’ll check that out, I appreciate all the info I can gather on growing.

  35. Hahaha that’s what I’m saying. I only have dosido autos in the fridge

  36. Lol how’d I get so many down votes? I’m speaking from experience. Unless your one of those nervous ass people behind the wheel I don’t see how you disagree.

  37. It’s a herd mentality thing, when someone downvotes, so does everyone else

  38. Lol I just find it funny I’m telling y’all dickheads you don’t need all seasons unless your a bitch behind the wheel. I guess the down voters are said bitches. 😂😂

  39. Everytime I used one of those it compresses the bud to tight and my jays hit like shit, so I roll mine or use a cone. Whatever works for you

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