1. I will never write romance I don't like it.

  2. jsyk i think that's the queer flag, not questioning ! (U_U; )

  3. I love your art style, it feels very clean and satisfying :D I also love the creativity of the OCs!

  4. Thanks, I'm not xenogender myself so I took a while to try and make good xenogender characters so im glad I succeeded!

  5. I don't know how to link to it but it's a rainbow infinity sign

  6. It looks like the pebbles are pink, yellow, and blue, the colors of the pan flag.

  7. It might take some time before I make yours, I’m only doing five at a time and you didn’t make it into the first patch. It would be nice to know what you wanna be doing in the drawing, I’m for example on my phone, but you might wanna be doing something else. I can also just make it a front facing one doing nothing:)

  8. It's totally ok if you take a while to draw that for me! I'm an artist myself and know how stressful these things can be.

  9. I might not know what most of these flags mean but I do know that the way you draw lgballt characters is cool and I like it.

  10. Is this like genderfluid but with xenogenders? (Sorry if this sounds ignorant I'm not xenogender lol)

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