1. According to "shinobu mail" arc, of %90 of The story wouldnt happen since "the first one" wouldnt appear in the first place, and also many different oddities wouldnt get attracted towards the shrine.

  2. trust in the process araragi is behind the whole thing hes pulling an ayanokouji behind the scenes

  3. sir, one day, just one day you will understand

  4. were talking about kinugasa so the biggest plot twist will happen and you will see yamauchi in pure white clothes as the cover

  5. Random Fact #2 Ayanokouji's name is Kiyotaka

  6. you know what actually hurts? when hosen stabbed ayanokouji

  7. actually with 380 hes round around the edges

  8. in he's fight with tsukishiro and shiba he can also sense a punch coming from behind this guy literally have observation haki lmao

  9. okay i dont know about that but humans can usually feel if theyre being stared at so it could be that hashimoto was just staring so ayanokouji sensed it

  10. order me a pepperoni one i know im a normie but cant beat the classic

  11. Are you Mika, kiyotaka mother. Who was payed by atsoumi money 💵

  12. How could you leave kiyotaka for money 💔

  13. Not really. He's already stated that volume 13's first draft is already done.

  14. is volume 12 out since i havent been in loop with the no game no life news since the release of volume 11

  15. something tellse everyones heavily underestimate sakurako

  16. manabu and nagumo and maybe may be the only 2 since theyve played a big role not in the story necessarily but with their involvement with kiyo

  17. If you want to be dominated suzune is not good option there are better options like kiryuin and hasebe.

  18. i hate to say it but koenji improves every page

  19. i feel like the fanbase for each girl characters thinking too far

  20. pulled out a brown chest that when opened revealed hundreds of thousand corn bits

  21. I see oh yeah in nise she is a colleague I forgot that Kiki said that but how do I forget about ougi identity

  22. last time i checked their steam achievements it was still 0

  23. if your teachers a guy go to him and say "gay six" and hug him if your teachers a girl say "with a teacher like you every guy would turn gay" youre welcome text me back once youre suspended

  24. You have to specify who's the other person with that question

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