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  1. It looks like a chunk of cement coated in industrial polymer

  2. This is actually a very intelligent use of funds. When a sideshow takes place at an intersection, they usually ruin the crosswalk paint. The city has to come in a repaint the thermoplastic which can cost upwards of $12,000 per intersection. The city has had to do that here, freshly painted crosswalks. By installing these chiclets for a couple hundred bucks, the city is ensuring they wont have to repaint the crosswalks anytime soon.

  3. You would have to install them on every crosswalk to prevent the same repairs being required somewhere else

  4. We report robust evidence under these two distinct experimental conditions that follicular fluid from different females consistently and differentially attracts sperm from specific males. This chemoattractant-moderated choice of sperm offers eggs an avenue to exercise independent mate preference.

  5. There’s a superceding point. Unfit sperm never make it all the way to the egg. It’s still less than 1% of a load that earns the chance to be chosen

  6. It boggles my mind how much damage pregnancy can cause to the body. It is the most natural thing in the world yet it can LITERALLY kill you and often irreparably damages the body. Scary AF in my opinion.

  7. There are also lasting positive changes, such as stem cells from the fetus that repair your own tissues. Probably still more harm than good, but it’s not a death sentence

  8. There's one in Golden Gate Park near the bandshell

  9. And another on the wall of Trick Dog bar in the mission

  10. Thinking chest certainly is gonna be sore depending on if cracked or broke any ribs.

  11. He wasn’t wearing a helmet. Dude’s probably much worse off

  12. I started first speculating about animals that hunt by sight/sound like hawks and owls, but they aren’t mammals. Checked the web, and it seems that owls, hawks, eagles etc. have no smell and other birds have usually poor sense of smell, too.

  13. The homeless are clustered in parts of California that physically have no room for extra homes. The population is always fluxing so you would have to build a lot of sky rises to keep people off the streets for 20 years

  14. So I guess there will be a new word called "Ozize" though someone needs to attach a definition to it.

  15. Organic (in the USA, at least) is an actual regulated thing that you can get in trouble for claiming without having jumped through the hoops. One can debate the merits, but it's not intrinsically meaningless.

  16. Multi-level Marketing. It's the pyramid structure where one level of folks gain additional benefits from the efforts of those in the level below them. That's the reason behind the multi-level part of the name. The business structure at its core is not centered around the actual goods or services you give, but on the backs of the people at the bottom of the pyramid propping up the people at the top.

  17. Multi-level marketing, because you market the product to consumers at the same time you market the job to your employees

  18. This woman is in pure agony. The video is very disturbing because you can tell she is going through immense pain. I think I would have probably went to jail if I were her. Fuck that doctor.

  19. Would you accuse the doctor of denying you meds because of the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion? Even in NY state, where abortion remains legal? Do you have the right as a patient to demand a specific medicine when you don’t fit the prescribing criteria?

  20. Arnold sits down to lunch with his donkey and miniature horse. The waiter comes over and asks Arnold what he would like to drink.

  21. I can offer some insight from someone who used to be like that, to someone who now just gets stoned at night and like to game then sleep.

  22. Height not really. But if your ass in on the front and tits are on your back, that's a no.

  23. And don’t try to tell me you just have your face on the back of your head! Heard that one too many times

  24. If you start quotation marks, you must end them. If you start parentheses

  25. It's just 101 up here, no the or hwy, they aren't used that often, but sometimes I hear more formal people say highway 101. Saying the 101 is a dead giveaway you aren't from here.

  26. I did this as a kid her age. Just didn’t have a camera

  27. I had some of these and they all died. I was really bummed. They died after I transplanted them

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