1. I think it's just some guy. But I think he's deliberately somewhat close in appearance to the other men in the game, to hammer home the idea that countless men like Henry have run off to the woods to escape something.

  2. People post stuff like this as if it isn't extremely common. At least in my country?

  3. I would absolutely love to see fantasy worlds ACTUALLY inspired by Medieval Europe, and especially in specificity. When people say there's too much "Medieval Europe" fantasy, what they actually mean is they're tired of "Castle-land" - incredibly broad and inspecific settings that are loosely inspired by kind of European cultures across a ridiculously broad space of time (usually not just medieval but featuring tropes and ideas from as recent as the 19th century - see: professional armies and uniforms, absolute monarchy, corsets, "City Guards" and even anachronistic forms of prejudice)

  4. Oh no, not the "Dark Ages are a misconception" again. Here are two links (freaking read both before saying things like "has this guy never heard of Karolingian renaissance"):

  5. It's out of fashion. It's not the vessel for the zeitgeist or the current form most popular novels are taking right now. But there's nothing at all wrong with it.

  6. Doesn't really scan that Saruman is an artisan with magical powers who is holed up in a tower for centuries but fails to invent guns.

  7. And why not? There's a huge gap in the plating underneath them. Aside from padding and maille.

  8. It's simply not how they're depicted in any period art I've ever seen, and I've looked at...way too much. To effectively protect the armpit, the besagew needs to sit really low - lower even than any modern museum mounting I've seen.

  9. Isn't that kind of a bold claim though? Besagews are always used like this in our medieval reconstructions.

  10. Most reconstructions are awful. But no, it's not a bold claim except perhaps in casual circles where people don't have access to many primary sources or academic works.

  11. Wait, are people still wearing masks en masse in the US? I'd kind of assumed people had stopped unless they were vulnerable or if they were sick themselves. Thats a privileged ignorance, I know, but I'm surprised!

  12. Im europe/Uk we don't really have Ranch, so it often gets defaulted to some variation of "American"

  13. What the fuck? No. This is exactly what we are fighting against. Russian culture is not the Kremlin. Russians are not Putin. Fuck the regime - it may be using Russian culture as a crutch, but that doesn't make "Russian culture" something anathema.

  14. Russians are also quilty, they want this war. I hate the fact that some people still trying to argue this

  15. All this talk of "Russians wanting the war" - they're brainwashed by massive propaganda. Of course many of them think they want it. They also don't have much a choice about it. I fully do not comprehend why people are so quick to dehumanise these people.

  16. I've not heard "Panoply" used in any context other than referring to battle equipment - could OP give an example?

  17. Seeing as it comes from the greek word for a warrior's armour, I'm inclined to believe that came first. All the same, wow! The more you know. Guess it goes to show what kind of circle I move in.

  18. Sounds awesome, but I would echo other commenters and say you'll probably have a better result if you use something less high magic/high heroics

  19. We're gonna live just once. IF I can choose between being poor or rich. I choose to be rich.

  20. You say medieval, but this is exactly the state of things only possible with modern communications, media and information control. The old monarchies had nowhere near the capacity to control people. This is new.

  21. Climate Activism is starting to take hold even among the infernal, I see

  22. Hmm, did the author say kept it hid for effect? Because I'm pretty sure it should read kept it hidden. Just saying. Otherwise, a good read about how people can go a lifetime without showing their true colours. And miss out on life opportunities, such as affection, because of that.

  23. Hid is a pretty normal way of rendering it. It's a bit archaic, perhaps, but I'm surprised you haven't seen it before, especially in poetry

  24. I think that’s the general idea. Of course, a noble on a horse might be wearing armor he might survive and surrender.

  25. The Vikings were consumate navigators. The Stars were EXTREMELY important to them by definition.

  26. Yeah but like, why no poems about them? Or i guess no poems about stars survived.

  27. The "style" is pretty much only described in metaphorical or vague terms. There's not really a concrete system to speak of.

  28. Not exactly. If you lose your business relationships and marriage prospects because you get a bad reputation, (which could and did happen) it doesn't matter much how you felt about the initial transgression.

  29. A lot of premodern punishments were woefully ineffective, and nobody cared because they made up their minds in advance what was right or wrong.

  30. I think that's a little glib. Public shaming was one of the most powerful tools for keeping people in line - in a society where often all you could rely upon to maintain social and business relationships was your reputation, being seen to be a social deviant could have very real damages to your life and career.

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