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  1. This is awesome! Crazy how much alcohol impacts our bodies.

  2. Yo talk to me about this Galit sauce. I can buy it?

  3. Not a hot sauce tolerance break! 😂😂🌶️🌶️🥵

  4. Of all the air trainers, the honeydew is my favorite colorway. I almost got them but I really have to limit myself because my collection is out of control.

  5. And we are apparently the same person! I still have these sitting in my cart haha

  6. I’m glad I’m not alone. So far my cayennes are the only ones that have reddened, although my jalapeños are starting now too!

  7. Triplets, actually. I could have written both your comments!! Hi family.

  8. I was soooo anti case when I bought my first Apple Watch. Now my watch is scratched to fuck and I can’t wait to upgrade 😩 already have a case ordered for my new one. Not again, satan!

  9. Long haired person with wavy hair here which also exercise every day. Best advice (for me) was washing every three days because shampoo cleans the scalp of all the natural oils and can cause itchiness.

  10. Curly hair girl who exercises twice a day - this is my routine too. Heavy cardio sessions/swim on wash days. Top knot when I work out. Headband to catch sweat. I wash 2-3 times per week. Every day would dry my head and hair out way too much for me.

  11. 8 weeks is the very earliest they should come home so, hold off a little if you can! My best recommendation is enforced naps - 2 hours a sleep for every hour (ish) awake. Have fun!

  12. I cannot recommend Pooph enough, I saw it on tv and thought it was rubbish but, I can attest! It gets rid of the smell of ANYTHING. Even filthy bong water that got spilled all over the carpet. Ask me how I know. Also, although I’m sure the vet checked them, always watch his ears - they can get so smelly so quick!

  13. i know most people here dont lift, it be like that, i was very hesitant about posting my gym fits lol and my normal work fit pics dont even get attention or traction.

  14. Don’t listen to the haters!! Congrats on your journey! People hate seeing other people do well, especially when hella people straight up allergic to working out. You got this! 🤜🏼🤜🏼

  15. Welcome to the hood!!! 😊

  16. I’m so impressed. Those first few days are real work!!

  17. Yes. All of this. Excellent content. 11/10.

  18. We love hearing about it!! Looks amazing

  19. Mine arrive tomorrow and damn I’m going to steal your style, these look fire!! 👌🏼👌🏼🔥

  20. Those tummy wrinkles 🥹🥹🥹

  21. Is it best to start pulling the ones with color and letting those finish ripening on a window sill? Will that help move the green ones along?

  22. I would pull the ones that have any blush and let the plant focus on growing more fruit, but that’s me! Btw: congrats! They look much happier.

  23. I have been here. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I truly thought I was losing my mind at the end of my drinking, I was unhinged by my anxiety. The only thing that helped was quitting drinking, but I was convinced alcohol was the only thing that would help. It was just making things so so so much worse. The first 4 days were absolute hell, it’s what helps keep me sober, I honestly don’t know if I can do them again. I have next to no anxiety now, I’m an entirely different person it feels like sometimes. In my experience, the only way out is through. It helped to remind myself this was the alcohol withdrawals, I wasn’t dying (even tho it felt like it). I literally watched the clock hour by hour the first 2 days, desperate. I imagined that every minute that passed was a minute I was further away from alcohol. Day 3-4 were hard but, I could eat and shower and start to be human. Day 5-6 I woke up crying with relief, I felt like I had some of my brain back. I hope you feel better soon, I know you are in hell but, the only way out is through. IWNDWYT. 💕✨

  24. It was my first visit and I absolutely loved it there. Clean, active, diverse and good public transportation. Just didn’t feel very safe in the night 😅

  25. Glad you enjoyed the city! For what it’s worth, I live in a building in the back of this photo and I’ve never had a problem here. Just gotta avoid the weirdos! 😭😩

  26. You're missing out on those mixed cardio exercise and move rings tho

  27. Mine auto started an elliptical workout one night when I was….. how shall we say, particularly enthusiastic 😅😅😩

  28. I still have a lot of trauma from accidentally seeing a person get their throat slit & bleed to death on Reddit. No nsfw tag, no warning, nothing. It had been up for half a day with no one in the comments seeming to give a shit. I deleted the app & it took weeks to come back. As a bonus, I still see his face flash in my mind when it’s least expected. The internet is a fucked up place, I need a grown up.

  29. hug I’m really sorry you had to see that and you’re struggling with those flashes. It’s awful and disruptive. I work in an area of law that requires me to look at a lot of really graphic awful death/injury stuff. I struggle with invasive thoughts and memories too. I find it really helpful to tell my brain “We saw that, that was a really sad/horrible thing to see. We don’t need to keep seeing it, please put that memory somewhere safe” I realize this sounds corny AF but, sometimes telling our brain what we need really helps.

  30. Kia ora e hoa! 👋🏼👋🏼 I’m a kiwi, I’ve been living in America for 11 years and Chicago for almost 2 years! Feel free to hit my dms for any specific information but, you’re gonna love Chicago!! It’s a great city, super easy to get around, lots of good food! Can’t underestimate how much fun it is to just walk around the lake and city and find little spots to eat, I still do it all the time!

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