1. 5 lbs a week?? Are you serious? How can that even be safely done?

  2. I am serious :( it was awful. I didn’t have a say in the matter, it was all up to Acute 💔

  3. Oh this makes me sad. If you are too scared to use the chickpeas, can your parents instead? They’re great made into hummus or mixed with mayonnaise for a sandwich spread. So many more things too.

  4. My dad hates chickpeas unfortunately. He's the only one I live with

  5. I thought this was refried beans, lots of water, and maybe something a little pink, not oats 😭😭😭

  6. Thank you so much friends. I got the Christmas cat and named him Claus :) I like him Still daily poop candy trades of course, though!

  7. To all who have sent requests, thank you. I’ve added everyone ♥️ and will keep adding anyone who sends.

  8. Would you be willing to share how you make your egg white salad?

  9. I’d recommend using unsweetened nondairy milk! Still super low calorie but way more filling.

  10. You’re valid. No one not disordered would feel any guilt or question this at all.

  11. thanks. ig i doubt myself a bit too much. i thought being diagnosed with ana would make all this easier but my head just finds other ways to make me feel like a liar lol. im sorry, posts like these are probably quite common it must get irritating for me to ask a question that is really quite obvious

  12. Please don’t be sorry. I’m maintaining atm and feel so invalid as an anorexic for it. Sometimes all we need is another voice. Don’t worry and please know if you weren’t valid you wouldn’t wonder.

  13. You did the right thing ❤️❤️❤️ the cals are still the same, yours was just not yucky. I support you and lots of love.

  14. I’d be careful suggesting this, it seems a bit toxic as many/maybe most people in this sub have eating disorders. It could make them struggle worse.

  15. I can live without shellfish 😅 have at it y'all.

  16. I’m here to officially take a stance at all toxic vegans in these comments. Pls let me enjoy my shrimps. I already bought them and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Now leave me be thanks. I am a vegan who gave in to a craving. I will (hopefully) not be doing this again. Everyone is human so stop trying to act like everyone has to be perfect. Thank you, love yall 🤪

  17. As someone who’s veggie for the animals I’ll admit when I first saw this I was a little sad, but thank you for explaining here! You certainly don’t deserve to be blasted. You’re still doing 99.9% and I’m grateful to you for what you’re doing. Thanks for caring enough to do this. I encourage you to stay vegan as you can but gosh you don’t deserve to be blasted with hate. Please stay well and I hope this doesn’t give you a bad view of veganism, people on the internet can be harsh but that doesn’t speak for everyone, vegans support you and sending love. And maybe if we’re lucky we will have vegan prawns or find something else vegan and yummy lol.

  18. Thank you! I see a lot of people going “you’re not a real vegan” or “enjoy being an omnivore now”, but what do they want? Do they want me to throw veganism out the window and be an omnivore again so I can eat and use more animals? I still consider myself a vegan, just one that makes mistakes and I will keep trying to do the best I can.

  19. That’s what I thought too! So counter productive. You’re great, Dw. 🫂💓

  20. I also love volume food. But just food like cloud cake and lettuce. It‘s high in volume but still not heavy😬 Or soup (super fast digested) so i‘m not heavier for a long time. I know it’s super weird. I don‘t even know why i am so scared of being heavier for a few hours…

  21. I see 🫂 I don’t struggle with this fear because I know it’s not real weight that could be visible, but I understand where you’re coming from too. Ah, I wish I had the perfect words for you. Other than I’m sending you virtual support and love. And please know that your thoughts and fears are real, but that just because you feel a thought doesn’t mean that it is fact. I promise it cannot hurt you like the fear tells you it will. Sending you lots of encouragement and understanding/patience friend.

  22. There’s a fruit pizza which is watermelon sliced into a circular disc, then you can frost it with yogurt with sweetener, and sprinkle on other fruits like berries to make it pretty.

  23. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but this looks like my cat’s barf after he eats the plants. Since this is the shitty forum I hope it’s okay if I say this.

  24. Freezing my ass off. Today I went to the store and cried in the middle of it because I was so cold.

  25. Oh my gosh thank you!! I’ll be doing some baking soon for sure ❤️❤️ I thank you very much.

  26. Would you consider joining an intensive outpatient program? To be more assessable there are virtual ones. Or if cost is an issue, a free recovery support group? There are many online. I know it’s hard but please reach out to your family and friends and tell them you need help. Maybe write a letter if you can’t say it in person. All the best thoughts for you.

  27. Don’t. Commercial fishing is absolutely awful, so unless you’re catching your own fish or getting them from local fishermen, eating fish is not a great thing. Don’t support an unsustainable and cruel industry if you don’t even like the product

  28. Seconding this comment. The world is struggling with over fishing and it is a very cruel industry. If you don’t like fish this is just fine. You can take pills for the omegas and get healthy nutrients in other forms that are better for the world and it sounds like for your preference too.

  29. Can you please tag me too? I’ve really been craving some oatmeal cookies :)

  30. If you would like to share the specific foods you’re missing / wanting I can suggest what I know of that will be more specific for you. Sending you love.

  31. Rice, beans, lentils, sweet potato or potato, veggies, oatmeal, porridge, polenta, all kinds of fruit, berries, nuts/nut butters, seeds, tortillas with your favorite toppings, vegetarian refried beans, sugar free chocolate, quinoa or other grains, soy/oat/almond or other milk of your choice, hummus, air popped popcorn, guacamole or salsa, and protein bars are some healthy options you can buy from the grocery store.

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