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  1. I mean sometimes shit happens. A couple of the people repeating that are now in my MD class had extraneous circumstances like family/life crises that are legitimate. Some people definitely suck but some got unlucky as well

  2. For those of us living through Northeastern winters, what about the comfort factor? I’ve lived mostly in century homes, and we currently occupy a 1910 home that we bought in 2001. The previous owners put in vinyl replacement windows. These windows are awful (and they are all failing, another story), but we have never been so comfortable. There is no hint of a cold draft ever.

  3. How difficult/expensive was the knob and tube replacement? Our house is still filled with a large amount of it and I’ve been curious as to how much it would take to fix

  4. This was five years ago, so I don’t remember very well. But costs added up. The electrician might have been in the ballpark of $3,000 to $5,000. Then there was the plasterer to repair holes in the walls and ceilings. That bill I remember was $3,000. For just two day’s work, but the quality was outstanding. And then the painters. At least another $3,000. I didn’t have a general contractor, but I probably should have. I definitely learned how they earn their money.

  5. Interesting, thanks for the reply and information! :)

  6. Fortnite just isn't as rewarding to orgs as some games bc of the way their comp format is

  7. And no in game org support/partnership/skins as well

  8. Medicare+, Medicare+ Pro and Medicare+ Pro Premium

  9. Sounds like the healthcare plans in Cyberpunk Edgerunners

  10. +1, his stream is good for support players especially, and he’s willing to answer questions about gameplay and strategy

  11. MrFaliN is the best player in VALORANT, time to stop denying it. TenZ overrated. cNed outdated. Long have we awaited, MrFaliN activated POGGERS

  12. If i had the choice of fetterman vs oz i would vote to kill myself

  13. It’s pathetic that these are the candidates that people get to vote for

  14. Reminds me of the options for President the past couple elections

  15. Agreed, the two-party system is only putting out these type of candidates because they want to not because they'll serve the American citizens' best interests

  16. his trials must’ve went well considering that there may be better options for the role

  17. Maybe it’s more of his flexibility. I think he could fill smokes,initiator, or sentinel if need be tbh

  18. I'm thinking more crashies skye bind; but he kills it there too

  19. Agreed on bind, Crashies always shows up on that map

  20. As much as I dislike abortion I agree lmfao. Please give me the crack OP was smoking when they made this 🙏

  21. nAts is a little strange in that he made his name initially through his innovative Cypher setups. But his international fame largely stems from his Viper gameplay and setups.

  22. This is a very good summary. Especially when you talked about him innovating on Cypher and Viper a lot. Those set ups became the default across international play similar to early Dapr and his innovation with cypher (which NATS was called EU Dapr early on)

  23. honestly the live crowd for this event is kinda lame, they only really cheered for fnatic, every other game was complete silence most of the time and just some chants whena team starts to get hot

  24. That’s what my friends and I have been saying as well. Obviously there will be bias from the crowd for home teams/players, but there was little to no reaction for insane plays from other teams.

  25. I think ur a boomer, I don't like the nylon soccer jersey design for eSports, there's no reason everyone has to wear skin tight nylon joggers with nylon shirts. I like pants and rugby polos, sort of like gambit had

  26. Agreed (no offense to OP), I’m in my 20s and I actually thought about buying their jersey. It feels classier but still sporty imo. I could casually wear it out in public

  27. Critikal has always said that when he watches someone be good at valo it makes him wanna play the tf out of the game but actually playing it feels atrocious to him so he likes viewing it just doesn't like playing lol

  28. That’s fair, thank you for explaining his side of things!

  29. Mmmm understanding patient safety and everyone has their role, very cool!

  30. I have Comcast. It's surprisingly not terrible. I haven't really had any issues with speed, though I do have inconvenient pockets of downtime a few times per month -- though it never tends to last more than a few minutes.

  31. That’s who I was leaning towards or suddenlink. I’ve just heard so many bad/negative stories about comcast/xfinity. Thank you for your input :)

  32. I thought today’s episode was buggy/glitched? Someone in the ep thread was saying it would skip around and that happened to me as well

  33. does anyone else get random time skips in the barstool pods or is that just me? i’ll be listening and out of no where it just shoots back 30 seconds to a minute sometimes. only have this issue with the barstool pods

  34. Glad it wasn’t just me. It was really annoying, and it drove me crazy on my drive today

  35. Risk of AIDS,pregnancy, being blackmailed, ending up with someone mentally insane in the same bed, uhh maybe risk of falling in love and being maniculated. Yeah no way im putting my dick in anyone lmao

  36. You sound like you’re actually scared of woman my man. It’s pretty easy to have conversations to screen these things out or practice safe sex

  37. Well not exactly scared, but I do have a feeling that anyone female trying to have a non-official(not related to work/studying/etc) conversation with me is either trying to exploit me or does it out of pity, if former I really dont like people using me(as would any reasonable person obviosly), for latter its just... pathetic

  38. I understand that, early on in my dating life I was taken advantage of in a couple ways/manipulated, but going through those bad experiences taught me what to look out for and recognize red flags earlier on when getting to know someone. You seem very well written/spoken, and it wouldn’t hurt to put yourself out there. Just remember to take a step back from time to time :) good luck in life

  39. Hopefully On Sla2ers get signed by an org soon

  40. Being assertive does not equal aggression and having confidence is wildly different from being overconfident. I don’t even think who you replied to was saying that those statements are true, but that society/medical community accepts one of those arguments much more readily.

  41. What are the politics like in Croatia? I recently visited since one side of my family’s heritage is Croat , but they’ve been in America for a couple gens so I’m clueless.

  42. Croatia has centre-right politics. Economy is slightly left wing with a huge welfare state and a lot of state-owned companies (social democracy), while on social axis it is centre-right, however pro-European and semi-liberal on questions like abortions (doctors can still call onto conscientious objection).

  43. Late term abortions (>21 weeks) happen all the time in the US i.e. 8000-12000 per year. Reasons for women include:

  44. Uhhh, where did you get your quote or source because according to this:

  45. Pro life is when woman bad, rape good

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