1. Agree, it’s annoying AF. Key part of the post is “new job” to me. OP doesn’t know enough yet to know how it’ll be taken if they try to decline. Being labeled the office Scrooge is not a good way to start out.

  2. Secure people do not feel insulted at minor offenses. They think things like "that person's rude behavior says more about them than it does about me" or "she must have forgot, her husband is sick this week after all. Stuff happens" or even "I don't think he likes me very much, but I'm still going to be nice and civil around him"

  3. Do secure people settle for being mistreated though? I've found that what's considered a "big" or "small" mistreatment is highly subjective. There are certain things that are dealbreakers for me that other people would consider "small", and vise versa.

  4. Can they keep living there if you break up? I don’t view your relationship as that of landlord/tenant unless that is the case. I think you are living together as a couple and they are contributing to the household finances.

  5. Actually, after 30 days your partner will have squatters rights and you'd have to go through the eviction process to get them legally out of they don't go quietly.

  6. I like it, but I would bring more red into other things to tie it in better.

  7. What I do is pay for an early morning exercise class for the next day and set my alarm. The fear of losing money makes me motivated enough to execute, and making the plan the night before gives me plenty of time to come to terms with it, set out clothes etc.

  8. Does your mom live in Parma by chance? Any time we venture to Old Time Pottery we seem to see a greater concentration of women with feathered hair styles than anywhere else in our travels.

  9. Getting a new doctor is like dating. Yes they try to understand you so they can help you, but you are interviewing them as well to see if you can understand them.

  10. Here's the most recent text message conversation from today. After reading the comments above, I realize I need to get help for my codependency, and my message to him being codependent. I am trying to come across as loving and understanding, but his alcohol abuse is affecting me. I am curious what others think of his response. Anything that I may have missed that only a trained eye can see?

  11. Love and understanding will never cure someone from their addictions. They have a disease of the ego, and until they are ready to put their ego aside and do the work, nothing will change.

  12. Don't give because you expect things in return. That is not a gift, it's an obligation, and opens you to resentment when it is not reciprocated.

  13. Agreed. I also think his logic is flawed. I believe he is okay with the people who’d be invited to the ceremony because they’re more or less familiar with the situation.

  14. Studies have shown that cities with the least amount of traffic congestion show greater dissatisfaction during what little congestion does happen.

  15. No one can answer this except him. However, I will note that you seem to be letting your fantasies run away with you.

  16. I work in escape rooms and I have to give a health and safety briefing at least 17 times a day. Real basic “don’t put your fingers in plug sockets” stuff. A lot of people laugh but it’s happened.

  17. Fellow escape room worker here, I feel your pain! Ours has a few whiteboards for note taking. The amount of times I have to remind people not to write on the props is amazing.

  18. Good eye! It is a litter genie. Been meaning to move it. I was thinking of getting longer curtains. Any color ideas? Not set on color yet.

  19. It's okay to feel bad. It's okay to feel your feelings. Trying to repress, deny, or bottle up your feelings won't make them go away, and in fact magnifies them.

  20. His disease is a problem of the ego. No amount of emotional support will save someone from themselves if they don't want to be saved

  21. I think it depends what exactly your relationship is with this person and what future you see together. If you are not partners there is no need to bare your entire soul to them. It's nice that they value honesty, but for me, you don't get my everything if I'm not your partner.

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