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  1. I've never watched tread. But the number of arguments I've had with people about heemeyer always seem to use tread as their source. Just from that, tread seems to be biased and missing information. Sort of like those Facebook posts, that twist the narrative and try and portray this psychopath as a hero.

  2. I watched Tread after only hearing the folklore version of the story on Reddit. People who want to believe the folklore version will pick and choose what they want to make it suit their narrative, but I thought the doc was a pretty point-blank representation of the story and it did not make me align with Heemeyer in any way.

  3. adele maybe? really surprises me that she had a HUGE álbum and then vanish for like 3-4 years? and then returned with another HUGE album and then vanish for five years and then retourned etc etc u get the point. i dont see other artist do this or labels allowing it, other ppl would've milk those success to death.

  4. Idk, that doesn’t surprise me at all. She keeps delivering masterpieces, so people are willing to be patient because they know whatever she puts out will be worth the wait.

  5. she defended woody allen and also received (imo rightful) criticism for playing an asian character in ghost in the shell and wanting to play a character based off an irl trans man

  6. She also apparently bullied Christy Carlson Romano when they were both young actors just breaking into the business.

  7. I think I could fill my time without work. Probably similar to how retired people do - hobbies, seeing friends and family, regularly going to the hairdresser etc for some kind of routine.

  8. I'm struggling with this right now. I've mainly been a housewife for the past seven years - I work part time from home, so I bring in a little income but it's basically just fun money. We have a sizable house but no kids and I obviously don't use a maid service or pay for meal kits, so housework and cooking takes up a great deal of my time. I'm a neat freak and cooking has always been a hobby of mine, so while many might find these to be menial tasks, I actually enjoy the sense of satisfaction I get from keeping a clean house, decorating, and creating delicious meals from scratch. Otherwise, my days are spent painting, hiking, working in the herb garden, and doing yoga.

  9. At least one of his daughters did have an issue with her and publicly called her out. I think she has since apologised though.

  10. I wonder if it was a genuine apology or if Ewan pulled a Woody Allen move like “you better publicly apologize or I’m cutting you off financially”

  11. He recently starred alongside Clara in a movie she wrote which involves an estrangement between a father and daughter. He said he was nervous when she told him she was writing a script which included some elements inspired by their relationship, but he still agreed to do this movie for her. So I doubt he threatened to cut her off unless she apologized.

  12. That’s good to hear. In all seriousness, it sounds like a messy, complicated, but relatively normal family relationship. Celebrities lead vastly different lives than most of us, but they really are “just like us” in some ways.

  13. Agreed. Imagine the resources the average college student would have to have in order to move cities and transfer to another school at the drop of a hat.

  14. From what I've read on other threads in the past, my understanding is Selena, along with the other celebrities (likely bar Paris Hilton, because she genuinely seems to be - or, at least, gives the impression that she is - Britney's friend) were either not actually invited to Britney's wedding, or it's unclear who actually invited them in the first place. But Britney has chosen to single out Selena because she told Britney that she wants her to be happy, but Selena was unaware that the phrase "I just want you to be happy" is deeply triggering for Britney because her mom used to say that to her all the time during her conservatorship and Britney got mad at Selena for not knowing how triggering that phrase is for her.

  15. What a juvenile mess. Poor Britney has been stuck in a teenage mindset her whole life, and I don’t envision her magically being able to grow up now.

  16. I have a psychology degree and have been accused of being an armchair psychologist. Lol

  17. Rightfully so. A BA/BS in psychology doesn’t make you a psychologist.

  18. A PhD is a doctor of philosophy. You can be a psychologist with a PhD, but typically clinical psychologists have either a PsyD or EdS doctoral degree.

  19. How do you feel about complete equality of the sexes?

  20. I kinda hate that some celebrities are considered as style icons when they don’t even pick the outfits themselves. I get that some of them work with their stylist and together decide what works…

  21. Unrelated since I’m pretty sure she does choose her own clothes, but it was hilarious when Julia Fox posted on her Instagram story that she called the paps on herself because her outfit was so 🔥that it needed to be seen.

  22. It’s a weird situation on both sides. He shouldn’t of apologized if it was just a hand holding situation and then the question is why did she wait for 5 years to ask the reopen the case that was already closed. That in itself is weird considering now he’s a famous actor compared to 5 years ago when he was just a random old man.

  23. First of all, he was not a random old man five years ago. He’s been in the Korean entertainment industry for decades. He’s only a new face to Western audiences.

  24. You’re correct, I had the dates wrong. But it’s still odd timing. Being that this happened in 2017, she didn’t file charges til December 2021. The case was closed in 4 months and she asked for it to be reopen and he’s been indicted in the developments from whenever the case was reopened til now.

  25. I understand you’re making the point that she didn’t come forward at the time of the alleged assault and is only coming forward now, after the success of the show. But I don’t think it’s abnormal or even particularly unexpected for a victim to not immediately come forward after an assault. And I reiterate my previous point that seeing my assailant enjoy global success would certainly incentivize me to get off my ass and finally try to get justice.

  26. Spot on. I bought a skirt of this exact color yesterday and it was marketed as “oatmeal heather”

  27. Or they just didn't care, as long as their point is made

  28. They’ve already fixed it. Wonder if their goal is to pump articles out as quickly as possible, then worry about editing once it’s been released.

  29. That was more an example of the misogyny that is inherent in the medical field. Almost every woman has a story of being dismissed by a doctor, not a mid level provider. This is a subject that has been written about repeatedly and you trying to shift the blame…isn’t the greatest

  30. The medical field at large is to blame, I don’t think anyone is focusing specifically one group or the other. That said, for what it’s worth - I’m a woman, and I have had repeatedly poor experiences with three different nurse practitioners. All women. The most recent of which was just the day before yesterday.

  31. I never mentioned gender in my comment. I mean about the medical professionals lol

  32. That’s…not what I said. Obviously either position can be held by either gender. Which is why I specified that the nurse practitioners I saw were women.

  33. I posted it there but the mods removed it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  34. why? some subreddits have realy dumb rules smh

  35. No idea. I messaged to ask why but haven’t heard back.

  36. I love that someone else in that thread also said they use 'rancid,' but that it still doesn't quite fit what they're trying to describe.

  37. Robinson’s family became suspicious of her friends’ claims that she died of alcohol poisoning when a Mexican autopsy report showed that her cause of death was “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation.” Atlas Luxation is a form of neck injury.

  38. How did the video become public in the first place? Did one of the assailants leak it themselves, or were they showing it off to others who, thankfully, decided it was too terrible to be kept a secret?

  39. I think we should STOP calling them Friends. 🤨 They didn't act like a friend would.

  40. Agreed, it’s like in rape cases when people refer to the rapist as “having sex” with the victim. Rhetoric is important, and using the wrong word or phrase (even mistakenly) muddies the water and is disrespectful to the victim.

  41. The crew of the USS Pueblo, captured by North Korea, convinced their captors the middle finger was a Hawaiian good luck sign

  42. I have a mildly interesting story about the Pueblo. I took a guided tour to the DPRK (North Korea) a few years ago, and at the museum for the "Victorious Fatherland Liberation War" (what they call the Korean War) our guide would only refer to Americans as "the enemy." The enemy this, the enemy that, enemy enemy enemy… the word ‘enemy’ started to sound very amusing after hearing this little Korean lady repeatedly spit it out with such obvious disdain. You know how when you hear a word too many times and you start to think “is that even a word?”

  43. Holy crap that's a fantastic story! Just out of curiosity...if they refer to us incessantly as "the enemy", what phrases do they have reserved for their South Korean brothers?

  44. Oh, let me clarify - it was only the museum guide at the war museum who referred to Americans as the enemy, since it was topical to the Korean War. And she wasn’t saying it pointedly at us, it was as if “the enemy” were some uninvolved third party that none of us had ever interacted with (which they were, technically)

  45. She’s been boozing it up like she knows it’s her going away party. Absolute trash. Even her mom was out with her at a bar after saying she didn’t trust her daughter about the disappearance of the baby.

  46. Apparently, her mother was heard in a recorded phone call saying that she suspected the child drowned in the bathtub while Leilani and her boyfriend were high on cocaine.

  47. I purchased the KAHI Seoul Wrinkle Bounce Multi Balm with Juji Origin Oil on a whim with my last Stylevana order, because it was on sale and I had seen a few positive reviews on the Kbeauty sub.

  48. Yep! I put it all over my face - eyelids and lips included.

  49. Thank yoooou. I made tamales for the first time a month or two ago and was so pleased with how they turned out. I followed a pretty traditional recipe but switched up the method a bit - instead of spreading the masa on the corn husk. I used a tortilla press to smash the masa into discs. I saw a video of someone’s sweet little abuelita using the same “trick” and thought it looked like fun. It worked pretty well - I wasn’t convinced it was actually faster to use that method, but nothing about the process was very fast considering it was my first time making them.

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