1. The only thing that'll change is that we'll see everyone use smartphones

  2. You forgot one: the F word, the SH word, the B word, even the C word you cannot say

  3. Could be worse, places I’ve had to have smooth radio playing in the background. Like how many sad songs can you play throughout the day

  4. The Bitchin race, Bought you by tostitos scoop! SCOOP UP A NEW PARTNER

  5. That one where Steve works in a drug lab and thinks he's at Hogwarts (I forget the name)

  6. A kid committed suicide and referenced how no body understood him like Kenny.

  7. In turn, Parents started to blame the show, therefore they slowly became aware of the true colours of the show

  8. For me, it was when I watched Space Jam 2, it wasn't the kids who were on their phones, it was the adults. We get it, you're bored.

  9. Eh kids were watching South Park (even though they shouldn't have) when the show first came out, so this really isn't new stuff at all

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