1. Richie Rich. Younger me considered him a villain with how terribly he used his wish machine.

  2. Juicy or not, I think the physiques in the Athena Mr Universe scene are natty obtainable

  3. Just buy all the cheap houses in OK, then move out lol everybody living here gets paid too little to compete with out of state investors most of the time anyways.

  4. That's because doctors and nurses kill more people than cops do. Like, a lot more.

  5. Dont forget about the weather man, we better cherry pick all the stories where they got the weather wrong and lost them here too.

  6. Good observation... I presumed it's related to the influx of entry level SN people via NextGen, SkillBridge and other initiatives.

  7. I think servicenow marketed their stuff right at the right time. All new people basically need to know it. SNOW, Teradata, PBI, Blueprism/Powerautomate. All buzzwords that give you an edge with a little experience or certs

  8. Official SN documentation. There's a video on the page showing you exactly what to do.

  9. Because this is Reddit. The hive mind of poors get upset over everything eventually.

  10. Can confirm. First job going so good I might get a second until I finish school

  11. I’d actually like a Fat wolverine like they did with Thor.

  12. So he rented a snow plow machine, jumped out, got ran over, and was too crippled to jump back I. And stop it?

  13. Anybody know where I can buy some food stamps? I’ll pay cash

  14. "It's one banana Michael, how much can it cost? 10 dollars?"

  15. Pooping my pants on purpose. I’ve heard it’s next to impossible.

  16. Pull up vertical faster, push arms forward, tuck legs as you push forward.

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