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  1. They are trying to force the dumb woke narrative and tbh its getting tiring. Many favorite franchises of mine were lost to this

  2. "Oh no a trans character is in the game the WOKE RADICAL LEFTIST GAY MEDIA is ruining everything!!!!!1!"

  3. It’s absurd. Like, in Forza, you have co-op races that are your team vs AI, but you still get morons who ram you if you pass them. Completely pointless, we get the same points either way.

  4. This is what gets me. I at least understand to get in front of me, but ramming me and causing the team to lose in order to bask in the triumph of all 6 of us getting to see you in first place for 30 seconds tilts me.

  5. My mum never seemed to take the hint on this one, even after I put a sign on my door requesting the loud knock and wait. Only thing it changed was going from barging in without warning to a single knock then letting herself in a split second later. So many times I had to very hastily cover myself and awkwardly hold a conversation pretending everything is normal...

  6. My mom did this exactly. Two swift knocks immediately followed by opening the door. Why even knock at that point?

  7. It cost me about this much to have the process you're describing done about six years ago? Are you saying that removing the head and having it out to be machined is inexpensive?

  8. It took me almost 3 months to learn this. This is 100% accurate.

  9. And the God Lorkhan, whom Ysmir is an undead aspect of

  10. Ysmir can also refer to several people, LDB included. Zurin arguably is also an aspect of Lorkhan, as well as Hjalti. Of course, they'd know Lorkhan as Shor... Elder Scrolls lore is famously simple.

  11. I kept waiting for Jack to realize how time travel worked, but it never happened.

  12. Codephrase: “Do you want some fun?” What’s your status, agent??

  13. It's like these people don't even have goddamn standards when they put cheap stickers on their car and bolts through the body of their brand new vehicle for shitty looking mods

  14. I've noticed a big uptick in wings recently. Always on NPC cars that don't even have a spicy version. Cruze, Camry, Sonata... I don't know if Amazon had a Black Friday sale or what but it amazes me the number of cars at stock ride height with OEM wheels I've seen recently that the guy really thought it was a good idea to put some self taps in the trunk panel.

  15. And the battery enclosures aren’t rated to be submerged. Many have gore-Tex breathers built to help with expanding / contracting of the battery case due to thermal expansion of the air inside.. and if the cells decide to off-gas.

  16. But don't worry guys, the Cybertruck will function briefly as a boat! It'll be fineeee

  17. Not everybody, check this thread. Waiting for it to get locked in 3... 2...

  18. Recently went to Berlin. Got to see his plaque at Brandenburger Tor. Waited for some tourists to get their pic and hocked a loogie on it.

  19. Knowing nothing about motorcycles, I had assumed until just recently that that noise correlated with power.

  20. But…how else would you know about your car’s extended warranty?

  21. I tell them the truth about my 1988 Volvo 245, and before they get the chance to hang up, I'll start going on and on about how great it is Volvo provides a factory warranty over 30 years since it was made, and that it's been a good car, but it's got some issues, the blower motor went out, so that'd be nice to fix, and there's a hole in the floorpan, and....

  22. I'm not sure it is actually, I've never heard it referred to as a hen weekend in America. IIRC that's more of a British thing.

  23. Not to mention that it was below 0 outside, unless she was partying in Barrow, that's a lot easier to reach in the UK than the US

  24. Having worked retail and foodservice, some guy could lose $800 on a brand new TV and we could tell him to pound sand. That guy won't be as upset as someone who had their mocha frappachappachino messed up

  25. Too pricey and I’ve been a console gamer my whole life. I can’t bring a PC with me whenever I travel and a gaming laptop doesn’t offer what a gaming PC offers experience wise. If I settle down somewhere then I’ll consider a gaming PC, but my current circumstances do not allow me to purchase one.

  26. I dunno man, you could probably build a PC smaller than a PS5 if you wanna take it places with you 😂 things are massive

  27. I was thinking the same thing. Or maybe Henry Ford.

  28. Man the only reason I put up with this series is because there’s no midnight club, it’s all I played on ps2 and ps3. I genuinely wouldn’t even care about nfs if there was a new midnight club, but I’m happy to see that nfs is making good improvements. If only said improvements included physics…

  29. I recently picked MC3 up again and it surprisingly holds up well. You can actually feel if cars are fwd or rwd, something NFS still struggles with. I'm the same way, Carbon was the first NFS game I ever played, and I've been getting their newer releases hoping something can stack up to MC. They come close sometimes, but it's just not the same.

  30. And drug dealers. They need a couple of sports cars to mount light bars on for the big photo op on how tough on drugs they are.

  31. People accused of drug dealing* remember, they don't have to have proof to take your stuff, just suspicion.

  32. Yup. Same here. Don't know what happened but it got really big and went down in quality quick.

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