1. Idk what loans y’all have but to remove PMI I have to have 20% equity of the PURCHASE price. Not it’s appraised value. Plus I have an FHA loan so I’ll have to refinance to get rid of PMI.

  2. That's an fha thing. On most traditional mortgages you can have an appraisal done and go based off the new valuation.

  3. Why is she in Japan and you're not is the better question

  4. Mine isn't particularly noisy. It is in the basement and you can hear it a bit on the rooms above but it isn't too noticeable.

  5. As someone who went to both Briarcliff and SBU I understand this

  6. I just ordered a few 2530s from amazon, as well as some CX 6100's from CDW and they were pretty quick to arrive.

  7. It has one of the best villains imo.

  8. Indeed. I loved Enter so much I cosplayed as him

  9. I switched to YTTV last year and I like it. It has all the channels I need and is cheaper.

  10. Yeah we decided to make the jump. $30 less a month with all the channels we need

  11. Oh ok see that's the difference. Direct TV Now launched in Nov of 2016 so if you've had it for 4 years the introductory price was over when you joined. You would probably benefit from the newer plans.

  12. I checked and I did start with them in 2016

  13. We moved from egnyte to citrix sharefile a number of years ago. It has its own issues but has worked for us for the most part.

  14. I would have used the cli, written out the commands in notepad or something then paste them into putty. Probably not the best way but it has worked for me in the past.

  15. Warehouse. I live just off the service road near there. Not looking forward to all the truck traffic.

  16. Data is so cheap now I can't see what a block will really do but it's probably better those connections aren't over your companies internet.

  17. I think it is probably more about productivity than data usage.

  18. Hmmm. Try to reinstall the MySQL dabaae or the library. Hat a similar issue with that.

  19. Looks like it might also have run out of disk. I am adding more disk space and will try again.

  20. Yes mysql is working, the system runs fine until I run the snmp scan. Am I overloading it by chance? I have 50-something subnets in the list.

  21. My wife and I had ours at Eastwind. They had a package deal that included everything, we just had to pick out dj, limo, and bakery from the hadn't l handful they offered. It was a great time and people still talk about it 8 years later.

  22. That is beautiful. I'd buy a print of this to hang on my wall.

  23. … Is that an MS-sized beam personal helicopter I see?

  24. Victory Gundam had some suits that used these.

  25. Please try to remove the LAGG configuration and configure it as a normal access ports during configuration. Do you plan to use two uplinks to your firewall? If so, please make sure to configure it as LACP on the firewall.

  26. I see, may I ask why it is configures as a LAGG? You usually use this if you want to aggregate multiple uplinks. It’s like „trunk“ on the 2530. That may explain your issue, I think.

  27. I was following some info I had found. I changed it back to a standard access port but now it is not responding to ping at all.

  28. Definitely some of the best sentai villains

  29. My kids generally start with yogurt. Another popular breakfast option here is poptarts.

  30. I have a setup like this and it works fine. Once the aps are provisioned they are mostly self controlled.

  31. We got a letter home for my son whose in kindergarten because he had missed 6 days. 4 of which he had the flu and a high fever. We are not that far gone from 2020 to be giving issue with absences, especially when they still call for 5 day quarantine for covid.

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