1. It's in the exact same spot every time, so if you know the general location it spawns in, just place down a 16x16 slab of material and you should be good

  2. You can always make a massive base so it would cover all the possibilities

  3. That's really cool! It would be amazing to see it in a boss fight though :)

  4. It's interesting that changing the physics level didn't really affect the creation but it made the plant pots have less friction along the ground. Is it the same with other blocks/parts? Is the friction always lower because that would be interesting for challenge mode

  5. Are pistons allowed? You could just change the centre of mass to turn

  6. Very cool! Looks like it could be a sub too! I feel that it might be cool to take some inspiration from Star Citizen's Reclaimer ship, I think that's the big one with the large landing gear, but basically, the ship has giant landing gear on either side of the ship, pretty much makes up just less than 50% of the entire ship. It might be cool if you could have the landing gear like that but it would become the wings/somehow fold inwards when flying :D lastly, like someone else said, use different block types like the spaceship block or various large parts to make it look cleaner :)

  7. I'm thinking this might have been inspired by No Man's Sky but I might well be wrong. :/

  8. That's really cool! Will it come as an addition to another mod or be it's own separate mod?

  9. I honestly Dont despise the nine realms, the story is garbage but it’s cool to see some new dragons

  10. I honestly Agee! I don't understand the argument of the other people replying. The show isn't a great quality, nowhere near the standards we have come to expect for a franchise that touches the heart of so many. Yet, the new dragons are still nice to see, even if not very creative or original, HTTYD content is always accepted, even if the resources could be used on something better. Plus, I doubt all the people replying with a negative view, have actually watched the entirety of TNR (I sure haven't!), it may improve later or maybe it already has :)

  11. Depending on where you are, you can watch most if not all of it on BBC iPlayer, it's exclusive to the UK but you could probably use a VPN.

  12. I prefer to believe that it's just overlapping monotone voices of different pitches saying "cardboard" "CARDBOARD" "caardbooaard"

  13. Although this uses the 00Fant mod, I believe this setup can be used for vanilla.

  14. Yes as far as I can tell nothing seems different than vanilla in the setup, no unique parts or anything

  15. I don't know if it would work but maybe if you used those windshields sideways so the long side was parallel to the car body, and you could use the curve duct pieces to close off any unwanted gaps, might look interesting!

  16. Thank you for your suggestion, I gave it a shot but I couldn't retrofit it in a pleasing way.

  17. I agree that these should be the general guidelines for a terratrain except that a flying terratrain would be a plane train, and a floating terratrain would not be a terratrain because the word terra specifically relates it to the earth, as in, waking, sliding, or driving on the ground. If the train does not make contact with the ground then it wouldn't be called terra. Two exceptions, you turn the Earth into a train and it would be a Terra-train, or you give the train the elemental power and control over earth, making it also a terratrain.

  18. Actually I should correct myself, saw blades and fast moving objects/falls can also harm the player.

  19. Falling out of the map too so spleef is an option

  20. Yes but that doesn't do damage, it just respawns the player, they never enter ragdoll mode or lose damage over time.

  21. Could you please send a curseforge link? I had no idea it was free until today!

  22. Maybe it's because there's nothing going on in the game, try playing some background music, listening to a podcast, or even a YouTube video.

  23. When I saw the reddit notification I genuinely believed we were going to see a large digger... Cool build tho! :D nice colour gradients!

  24. What mod are you using? Or are you using a mod at all? For the mars landscape

  25. I don't think Drago's BWB is the Berserker Island one or the egg. I'd say once Krogan came back to Drago without the 'King of Dragons' he gave up all the information he could about it. That it was massive and could spit ice. I think that's about all Krogan got, and a little bit about how it's face looked. So he'd tell all this to Drago, and Drago realises that he already has a dragon in his 'army' that fits the description, but it had never displayed any mind control abilities. It's a stretch, but I'm saying this assuming they never had any knowledge about the 'King of Dragons' beforehand.

  26. We never find out if Valka's bewilderbeast is the egg from the end of RTTE but no dragon grows that quickly, in 5 years max (I'm almost 100% sure it was less) the dragon would have grown to full size. But we do see her take the egg.

  27. Depends, did the light fury choose to not save him, or couldn't save him? I would imagine it would create a large divide between toothless and the light fury, maybe the dragons wouldn't have left

  28. SM with complete ray tracing and fully rendered worlds, at 60 fps (your PC doesn't set on fire)

  29. That's lucky! Would be good for a nomad run too but scrap mechanic doesn't let you copy and paste seeds.

  30. Packing stations and trader (as well as few other spots) have the same position across all seeds, so I’m not sure what exactly do you mean

  31. I think they are talking exclusively about altitude, which does change in different seeds, the location on the map does not but the height difference can vary. They only specify that it is flat not that the line is straight, you can see in the image that they have built curving track pieces.

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