1. Drills on the zariman can harvest them which is how I get mine

  2. It's not been a month since I made that comment, thefore you can logically conclude it isn't out yet

  3. It's pretty much the same with roblo too; I think it sucks, but it does make sense. I think the your PC doesn't need to have high specs if you just want to create maps though.

  4. Yeah you don't need high specs, just set all the graphics to low and swap to performance mode view and I was pushing 60fps even on integrated graphics on a laptop CPU

  5. If you want light-hearted and fun, a more recent one I would recommend is Spy x Family. For something a bit more serious, with more action, I would go for Jujutsu Kaisen. Both are not finished but won't be 1,000-episode animes when finished. If you want something more like that, Bleach is a classic. Attack on Titan is great too, if you want something a bit more long and more complicated. Those are a few safe and beginner-friendly recommendations. Edit: Another more serious one, that actually is finished, is Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

  6. Not saying it wasn't a good episode but not what I expected from a penultimate ep...doesn't feel like this arc will be ending with the next episode.

  7. The manga readers are saying it’s not even 1/3 into the arc, so that’s probably why it doesn’t feel like the end, because it isn’t, I can see them ending with either sigma being defeated and atsushi and co teaming up with the hunting dogs or there’s another plot twist

  8. Or in the endgame universe they stopped development in 2018 due to half the worlds population being killed

  9. Wish they would have updated other strikes too, like how in the disgraced strike, they made it a new character (Navota) with a different context (avenging Shaw Han's fireteam) rather than literally just being omnigul again. They could have done somethig similar like Devil's lair/Fallen Saber being with house salvation or something, vault of glass being rebuilt on Nessus, etc

  10. I think they're working through base D2 locations and revamping the strikes planet by planet as there's rumour of us going back to titan next season, so Nessus would logically follow after that

  11. There's actually a guy on this sub that does mecha fashion frame, it's pretty crazy how good they look given warframes relativley limited customisation

  12. No creative 2.0 has its own editor on the epic games store. To play 2.0 maps you just use regular fortnite.

  13. Isn't that the same price as the frozen wilds? (technically cheaper due to inflation)

  14. Mithrax is his name in human, the other pronunciation is designed for speaking in exlixiny. I believe he got the moniker mithrax when he worked with a guardian fireteam and it's also useful to differentiate him from the fallen because I can assume a large amount of guardians & citizens still havour hatred towards the fallen.

  15. It is probably very cruel game since you can play it only after 81

  16. Or it adds 81 years to your age, given that it’s +81 not 18+

  17. If time is predetermined, then we don’t have to worry as it’s physically impossible to overwrite anything, otherwise the first person to use it will need to test, but if anyone with evil intentions ever gets their hands on it we won’t notice because they’ll have already overwritten us and in turn have been overwritten themselves. So in conclusion it doesn’t really matter what happens with the Time Machine as you won’t be able to perceive its effects

  18. Yeah I used the wrong word, fixed it now

  19. type >! then put your text and mirror the >! on the other side, no spaces in between the exclamation and text though

  20. I had one like that in my survival world and gathered a bunch of dirt and started from nearby land and when I got up to it, it didn't have anything in it. No chests, nothing. I chopped the whole thing down.

  21. Make sure you know what type of ride you’re getting on, you don’t want to queue for 30 minutes+ just to not get on. If she doesn’t like inversions, Indiana jones, space mountain and rock’n’rollercoaster have them.

  22. I came across the OP a few months ago on Spotify and fucking loved it. Now even Reddit tells me that I need watch this anime. Time to stop procrastinating and actually watch it!

  23. I’ve been looking for it everywhere do you have the link? Or at least a title I can copy paste

  24. I'm thankful to Spotify for that, recommending titles that, for some reason, have no English translation. On second look, there doesn't seem to exist any mention of an English-translated title anywhere, at all.

  25. Yeah it seems like you can’t have multilingual titles, or a large chunk of international artists don’t add the English version

  26. what are you talking about? the only part that would be a spoiler is being properly hidden

  27. Indeed it is, my brain went on autopilot because it didn’t use to work like that

  28. Damn, that’s my fav but I didn’t get that battlepass because I told my cousin I wanted that skin and didn’t know anything about battlepasses. He said you have to grind and level up and it’s not easy, I started to think it was going to be impossible and just didn’t get the battlepass. Now I regret it

  29. A variant of his final style is in the magma/lava legends pack, if you want something similar

  30. At launch there will be no in map purchases though they said that there will be different routes to earn money off creative maps, probably based off player engagement. They’ve said they’re relaxing the requirements to get publishing, the follower requirement is gone, the main part I can remember is some financial stuff for legal reasons. We can already report maps, so they’ll probably expand that out.

  31. The warlock Nezarec outfit and helmet really painted him like a badass. Idk much about the lore, but maybe they changed his concept art last minute?

  32. We fought his head, the body was generated by the travellers beam clashing with the pyramid ship as the original was turned into Nezcafé, we can see his head being stored on the witnesses ship during cutscenes before the raid

  33. I believe it’s the cutscene just before the witness floats out into space at the start of the dlc

  34. Asher says he’s gonna load himself into the veil to work out what it is, or that’s what another post said

  35. When you get all of the secrets in Avalon, Asher makes a portal that leads back to the beginning of Brakion's fight. There, he shows you a simulation of the Veil. At least, I think that it's the Veil, because Asher says that he doesn't know what it is or what it does. Quelle suprise. But he's planning on merging(?) with it in order to discover and share its secrets. I might've misunderstood that last part, this caught me a bit off guard.

  36. Well that sort of explains why the quest telling us what the veil releasing is next season

  37. You're doing what Nintendo should've done, in my opinion. It's not like Nintendo didn't already make Gameboys with suffixes in the past (Mini, SP, heck even Color) and the original DS (and Lite) had a GBA cartridge slot to further the connection. They should've called it the Gameboy DS.

  38. I sure do love my GameCube motion (wii)

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