1. U guyz r like clockwork!! Always on time with the intel, an a lil extra tips for the new comers is spot on! Much appreciate as always

  2. Try selecting the perfect option in the Menu and 9 times outta 10 it is literally a foot race to get the modifiers.

  3. If you don’t like the build of mine then don’t have your own playstyle and i have mine.

  4. Fk that guy OP. He Sound like a Chick on the Rag Your Build is on the Right track jus keep Grinding my friend.✌️

  5. If i have Disrespected any1 in this thread i Apologize. U on the other hand... 🤫

  6. Here are some suggestions if you'd like to hear them...

  7. Great Tips my friend! And I must point out the way u presented your suggestions very respectful! ✌️Happy Hunting

  8. Solid Build my friend I prefer Shield over helmet ammo but to each his own. Happy Hunting✌️

  9. The tales of Tsushima literally are the side content. In my opinion they MASSIVELY help build character development and create a much better sense of immersion. At the very minimum I would recommend doing all the quest lines for the character’s. They go through their own stories are are like mini campaigns. :)

  10. I 💯% Agree with u my friend. Almost all side quest Content especially the sides u do with some of the "Friends" Jin meets along his campaign.. Screw it just do Everything lol!! Tsushima has soooo much to offer! Happy Hunting ✌.

  11. Greetings friend. Was there any strings attached? Such as Sharing post with other social media plats, agreeing to receive crazy amounts of emails?

  12. Almost Every single post I've clicked on lead to the exact same page @PSNFOX. Good Luck navigating threw all the B.S. lol

  13. Greetings, I just came across your post, Is this legit of just fishing?

  14. Greetings my friend! From the sound of it u r a Selfless, Honorable GhOsT Ronin! It would be Nice to find more Honorable players such as yourself. Team Victory is way more satisfying when everyone plays there part instead of most who just care about kill count instead of looking out for your team. Its still baffling to me that Legends is based on camaraderie yet I see more an more Disconnects. In about every game mode Legends has to offer.

  15. I've come across this box from my chair as well and have been using it to make my headphones wireless. I'm not sure of the name but the best way to describe it is a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver. it powers my headphones whilst receiving the audio

  16. Much appreciate the info. I've been tryn to fig out for months what this dam thing was. 👍

  17. Nice!! It's very Refreshing to se fellow GhOsTs using different Katana Stance instead of Moon Katana an still straight killin it!! Kudos my friend, Great Clip Thank u for sharing!!💯✌

  18. That was tight!!! Did u have intimidating counter equipment?

  19. If you can run this weeks trials you’ll get about 2-5 legendaries a run and it takes about 3 mins if you know what to do.

  20. I Agree with u, this weeks Trial are 1 of the quicker to complete and the legendary drops are about 2-4 each runn. Great week to Grind for both honor and items. Happy Hunting! ✌

  21. I Don't know how nor really care to learn the MMC, but I do know that almost every1 that bitches about it have NO CLUE how too do it. To Each His Own my friends✌

  22. gonna delete my reddit account and the video👍

  23. Ouch! Wow 5 min an counting..That's a new 1 for me. What survival mode are u Queued in?

  24. Good Build my friend. I myself like stun arrow over Explode arrow shit gets rough in. Plat7 especially if u running with Random kats w/ no mic lol. Healing smoke is $MONEY$ With Hunter in HEllMode. Good Luck my friend✌

  25. I guess the only thing left to do is 1v1 in rivals. Let’s put this shit to bed.

  26. Spoken like a True Ghost 💪💪! Lmk if u stream it my friend.

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