1. You could do this walking in a park instead. You don't ever drive to work on a day off just to "decompress". Acting like commuting is better than free time is just Stockholm Syndrome.

  2. shut the fuck up, you dont know if they also do it in a park as well. fuck man you sound absolutely miserable

  3. Other commuters need you to pay attention to driving - not veg out

  4. oh my god you sound like such an idiot. learn nuance moron

  5. spider mites are a pest though aloe is pretty resilient, do you have any leafy plants nearby? those probably won't fare as well

  6. Where is the planter located? We need a bit more info, to give a proper diagnosis.

  7. I dont know what im looking at is that a hydroponic setup? is there water in the unit all the time suffocating the roots?

  8. make sure you get a uv light and not an ionizer ive seen those kill fish

  9. green water can be tough, the fish will be fine as long as there's good aeration. if you keep the filter clean it will clear up on its own eventually but when that eventually will be is hard to say. UV lights absolutely work and often times can be turned off in the easier months to save some $$$ if you do look into them make sure you get one thats sized a bit bigger than your pond. Ive noticed pond equipment manufacturers like to brag a bit

  10. sounds like new koi got old koi sick. I always found a cocktail of proform-c and a fluke medication worked well. Did you get them from a koi shop. give them a ring as they should know what to do as they probably mix new koi all the time

  11. that's how they work. net, horizontal filter pad, pump. problem is when the net or filter pad gets clogged the water from the pond doesnt enter as fast as the pump is pumping so the water in the box drops and to top it off often there's an autofill in there that will turn on and overfill the pond because the float gets triggered from the low water. horrible design. really only solution is to keep after it so it doesnt clog

  12. so you're running cooler day temps than night? you have the space why wouldn't you want them to stretch? looks like when you lollipop you'll be removing more than half the plant. branches are hardly through the net at this point.

  13. Thank you. I think maybe because the pond and pump/filters hadn't been cleaned in so long it took a beating once it was done. The outside holes on the case are pretty big so lots will get through.

  14. looks good to me though will probably need cleaning more often, but better than everything getting in the impeller area.

  15. So the mesh didn't work, insofar that the pond is very dirty, and it clogged up quickly.

  16. thats a bummer. I dont know of any pond pumps that grind up debris as to not clog the impeller. One thing you can try is to hang the pump more on the side of the pond instead of sitting on the bottom. might be able to buy a little more time that way before cleaning

  17. spray BT for caterpillars. disrupts their feeding mechanisms and they die. Works awesome

  18. seems the discoloration is all the way down the plant so probably can eliminate light stress. what's your environment? I noticed pushing high EC and high VPD can lead to this issue in the leaves

  19. but you have no answer but to take care of your plants? you seem pretty simple and like youre trolling a plant sub, fucking weird man

  20. You, my friend, are closed minded and disconnected from what’s really going on here. Where there are Hop latent viroid symptoms displayed by the plant, it is because the stressors of the environment- along with the viral load become too much for the plant. This is why some plants in the same room will be asymptomatic. It is why some people can carry the flu, or other illnesses unknowingly. Are you dumb?? It’s not extremely nuanced and complicated, but probably too much for you to understand. Every plant- is different. And guess what? They all prefer different environments. And have different immune systems. And prefer different water schedules. And different amounts of food. Different amounts of light. Do you think that maybe from the start, when you put the “clones” into their pots, treating them like little money factories would be the most fruitful way of doing things? Like dude. Plants get sick. You’re probably taking shitty looking moms and taking raggedy ass cuts and giving them all the same treatment with no care or regard to each individual plant. Gtfo here with your bullshit

  21. why didnt you say that in the first place lol, god people like you make me sick. did you also know that one branch can show symptoms while the rest of the plant is fine? how is taking care of the plant work then also tell me how to grow good weed without stressing it you dolt? god you sound like such a self centered blow hard.

  22. The fact that you could read my post, and have the reaction that it was “culturally insensitive”, says all I need to know about you, Stoner Gamer Dude.

  23. oof! yea things like that hurt. I have two dogs and I remember one time I was out on a walk drunk of course and suddenly realized that I was only walking one dog. I was frantic! Wondering where my other dog was. Running through the fields, screaming her name trying to find her for like an hour. Decided to head back home thinking maybe she headed there and when I got there realized I only took the one dog out to begin with. felt like such an idiot and decided to stop drinking 3 years later

  24. That sounds so much like something I'd do. The cognitive dissonance that comes from being a responsible person sober and such an irresponsible person under the influence finally got to me I think. Like someone else said, I've got a creature that depends on me for survival -- I can't afford to be the kind of irresponsible that comes with drinking anymore. I never cared that I was being irresponsible to myself, but I realize I'm not the only one that's impacted by my drinking.

  25. looks like cal/mag deficiency but also noticed you're next to a sidewalk which could leach into your soil and cause high PH which could lead to a bunch of nutrient uptake issues.

  26. looks more like the soil dried out so the leaves got fried. How does the new growth look?

  27. 270. Keep in mind how overgrown everything was.

  28. 1 plant? damn dude no wonder Canadian weed companies make no money

  29. yea no shit chief. you never answered my question about how many plants there were you just put a 1. twas a slight joke. you seem a little defensive, maybe dont let your shit get out of control you know SOPs and all that.

  30. Ps little know this but there is a gigantic sycamore tree there with a plaque that says “Orange County heritage tree” it’s hundreds of years old and tucked away in a little corner.

  31. dumbass comment about the OC marathon. seemed like you were super cool and an edge lord. did not disappoint! though it kind of smells like cum in here. peace!

  32. Thanks just added that to my list, that doesn't do the trick either. Delicious hit tray sausage though!

  33. from NY been here for 20 years I dont think a good kaiser roll exists out here. All I want is an egg special on a kaiser roll and never been able to find one

  34. dont know what can be done if youre just using a window but see how the older leaves are yellow and the new leaves are green that means your lacking in a mobile nutrient so give it a well balanced fertilizer. it needs lots of light and it needs to get warm to transpire to move the nutrients through the plant.

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