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  1. Looks like an Old School RuneScape model! And I mean that in the coolest way :)

  2. IMO Moonlighter is a solid attempt at a Recettear clone, but missed that half of what made that game so good was the charm. The stupid character interactions added that bit of flavour that genre of game needs to draw people in, and Moonlighter was missing it entirely.

  3. I was hyped for moonlighter but was definitely disappointed on release. Always hoped they'd patch it up over time but nope not really.

  4. We don’t have an explanation as to the real reason that any of them have powers. We know their parents were drugged but that doesn’t explain how they got them, or how Henry got his for that matter.

  5. My thought was that the "Drugs" they gave to the parents, was actually Henry's blood in small doses. In hopes that it would have a reaction with the baby's development!

  6. Don't assume you can't buy your kid a nicer toy, just because it'd take some time to save for it.

  7. She still has it a little bit but it's obviously gotten better the more and more she learns. I kinda miss it too though.

  8. Am I missing something btw? I assumed she didn't talk normally due to being raised in that lab or whatever, yet every kid around her was speaking perfect unbroken English. Was she just way younger? Why wouldn't she be speaking completely normally by this point?

  9. Got this game on N64! Love it!

  10. This game felt so huge as a kid, like practically open world. I know it's definitely not, but it just had so much to explore and see.

  11. Who writes f by starting from bottom? OMG

  12. Ive been doing it all my life, didn't realize it was weird at all until today!

  13. Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz in The Mummy. My god their chemistry, even as a kid I knew lol

  14. You wouldn't happen to be listening to the Blank Check podcast would you?

  15. Or the casting agent is the biggest idiot. You don't need anyone famous for groot.

  16. Could be Gunns idea since he repeats the same thing with King Shark

  17. Just take the downvotes with pride. Dont let Reddit CONTROL what opinions you have.

  18. Doctors and nurses should be forced to eat the same shit there.

  19. Hey bald people MY hair IS THICK AF I LOVE IT. NEVER LOST CONFIDENCE over it, so fucking thick. Goddamn I like it, long and luscious and just a part of my identity you know? And the babes..oh man the babes just can't stop talking about it.

  20. At least he didn’t go and Adolf Hit-her back. Shed definitely make him take the train home

  21. I loved the movie. But the CGI during the fight in the mines in particular was terrible

  22. I also though the sequence where he uses the flower to see his dad's spirit? Super cgi wonky green screen, and bad looking 3d panthers.

  23. Black Panther. I wasn’t really impressed by anything in it, not even the production design.

  24. And people claimed there was so much more world building, yet they fly through a scifi city (Wakanda) and it just feels fake and CGI filled. Like..what goes on in that city?? Barely see anything even street level in it. Why so much pride for it?

  25. I think one of my favorite all nighters has to be the time me and a friend played cod zombies. A single game of cod zombies. The entire night. It was absolutely glorious. It was on black ops 3 so no pausing either (we just started a custom game locally but didn’t click lan). We had the upgraded bows on der eisendrache (however you spell it) by round 4. One person would train the last zombie in a circle while the other could run to the bathroom get a drink etc.

  26. God I hated the lack of pausing. Would always have to have that one friend distract the remaining zombie for the smoke/bathroom break.

  27. And on a side note, I'm sick of the over-packaging a lot of dispensaries are using.

  28. I had never heard of this and it happened to us at McDonalds. I was so confused. The person in front of us paid for our $30 meal and all I could think of was how to say 'thank you.' It took us a few minutes to realize that we're expected to pay for the person behind us.

  29. But you're also told you're not allowed to accept tips at jobs like McDonald's and such. I've seen people almost lose their jobs over it unfortunately

  30. Mind PMing me the link or posting proof of that. Sorry but you would be the first person I've ever heard of that had only one bot game. Especially since the developers themselves said they purposely give 3 bot games to start so players feel like they're good and have fun and dont get destroyed game 1 and then uninstall the game since its free so there's nothing keeping them there.

  31. Mods don't really count IMO. But did Minecraft's beta really had water reflections? Or are you referring to the RTX beta

  32. If a modder on the internet can figure out how to add reflections to the game, it should be even more impressive, and more of a testament to why it shouldn't be too difficult to do here.

  33. I love how they did a great job building up Bran’s time traveling and ability to affect history (in a causal loop) but then completely dropped it.

  34. Ever since it explained he could warg/worg? Take over animals. I figured he'd take over a dragon at SOME POINT. I had high hopes lol idk.

  35. Either bots, or alts/friends of the account they're trying to send you too.

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