1. It's the best card in the game, plus a mythic, plus it's in a collection with 4 other mythics.

  2. Id say 2 arch is excessive Arch is like 6mm. Arch and a high Mythic would suffice.

  3. Out of curiosity what’s the best? I know arch Angel is definitely up there

  4. There really is no best or tier list as the game is always changing, but as far as playability, Planet X is the best Mythic in-game, especially with the release of super-massive.

  5. global phone release was also on the 2th february, so you might need to wait that :)

  6. PX is worth 8-9MM this is closer to 6MM. Youre under paying. This would get an Archangel tho.

  7. This is a good deal. Nazca is worth 2-3 mythics you could break it down and get a cloud for one and keep the rest. Clouded is scarce, but this is a good deal.

  8. I really don’t understand how people found a recruit team funny. It was amusing for the first minute then I’m left thinking “damn I should’ve picked vigil”

  9. Giant squid! Also,Heirophant really should be a Limileg..its so good. Take that deal!

  10. At most, it's worth a low mythic. Sim Theory is worth like two low mythics. So you're overpaying.

  11. I wish it were under barrel instead of its own gun

  12. 86.50% I think mine is glitched. I made a post about this awhile ago. The arrow wasn't there, and if the bar landed on where the arrow was, it wouldn't give me a pack.

  13. Funny I built this same exact occult deck wasnt able to get to 1k+ tho

  14. Binary was just reprinted its value dropped a little but not a lot. I would say that binary and terminator go 1:1 terminator has more playability while binary is limited to tiny decks. At most 1xBinary+ 1xGoblin, but 2xBinary is greedy.

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