July Confirmed Trade Thread

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  1. Do you happen to recall the particular stand you are using for the chassis?

  2. There are legal problems, other than that the PC port is already ready and finished and is just waiting for an actual release. The Amazon Luna and Stadia versions run off of the Pc ports, so they do exist.

  3. Judgment was also present on the currently infallible and accurate Nvidia leak, so there is a possibility that it may arrive very soon.

  4. Thought it came out like March 4th?

  5. March 30th, to be precise. I estimate that the collection should hopefully arrive on Steam in April, possibly coinciding with the anniversary of the franchise.

  6. I agree. You can get the 12700f for $314 MSRP/$329 retail, it performs just like its unlocked brother but without overclocking (little to gain) and no IGP, but for $100 less. In terms of gaming performance its basically as good as a 12900k too.

  7. They should also be able to unlock the power limit for additional performance if necessary.

  8. Hey, man. I have entertained the idea of purchasing this case, but what would you recommend as the sequence of building in the Sliger?

  9. Do you happen to have a link?


  11. Thank you very much! Hopefully, it becomes available for pre-order in America soon.

  12. Hey, man. Out of curiosity, what exactly is your character wearing? I quite like her attire.

  13. What motherboard for this....I'm still running a 3570k.

  14. You can make use of either a Z490 or Z590 motherboard.

  15. I can't find any comparison between the 5900X and 11900K in rpcs3. You got a source?

  16. I can provide you with two separate videos in which one player has a build containing the 5950x along with a 3090 while another player, one of the staff for RPCS3, has an 11900K and a 3090. The game, in question, is God of War 3 so that I can give you a like-for-like comparison.

  17. That's an 11900K overclocked the shit out of both the core & cache. That's one of the highest 11900k overclocks I've ever seen. Compared to a 5950X at stock with pbo enabled with default settings.

  18. Ah, fuck me. Did not even notice the resolution scale in my original observation of that video. Anyway, the 11900k should be faster at stock due to the fact that RPCS3 uses AVX-512. The only problem is that evidence of this can only be ascertained through the Discord of the emulator, for some reason. Then again, the 11900k is not worth buying for a singular use case and is a very contentious CPU.

  19. I swapped out a few things for RGB variants, the Lian-Li Galahad AIO performs great and looks even better, and so do the UNI fans.

  20. Thank you so much! I imagine that either AIO should fit comfortably in a front-mounted orientation?

  21. Yep that case does 360mm up front or 240mm up top. The only restriction front mounting the AIO is that it will limit you to a 310mm long GPU. So if you end up with one of the mammoth 320mm GPUs you could get a 240mm AIO and top mount it. Slightly less cooling capacity but unless you are heavily overclocking it won't be a big difference in temps.

  22. Excellent! You have been extremely pleasant and accommodating; I look forward to building my very first computer and hopefully I can find a 3080 at MSRP soon.

  23. Bought a Z590 Aorus Ultra from

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