1. Is there any possibility chapter 3 will be out any time soon?

  2. My favorite part of the first two chapters have been almost everything! The characters and their roles/backgrounds, the organization of everything, the technical bits that go into the story from a realistic viewpoint, and the interpretation of how things have been in the Pizzaplex since it’s been shut down. I really love how the security teams interact with the Pizzaplex environment under the circumstances and how they interact with the animatronics who’ve all also been through a lot and haven’t had human contact or repairs in months, plus each of their personalities sticking out to how they’d react. It’s a really great story, and it peaked my interest after I found out about it from the comments of the OSHA violations YouTube video. I couldn’t reply on YouTube to your comment to ask but I did some digging and eventually found you and your story here!

  3. Were you the one that asked after my story in there and that I had to reply to like 4 or 5 times because YouTube was being stupid and kept torching my replies?

  4. If it's any consolation, Mr Zakneifen spent ages trying to find a cache that was a hint in DP... twice... during a storm.

  5. LOL, I don't try to search for things during blizzards, unless I'm caught out in one and it's a shelter I'm searching for. If there's a blizzard and my goal is exploration or searching for something, I just wait until the blizzard's over. No point in exploring or searching during a blizzard, can't see much of anything anyways.

  6. You're completely right, all it says in the update notes is:

  7. That's exactly what I thought I'd read. That note was kind of useless then, as it was directing me right back to the way I'd entered PV through. 😂

  8. If this is your first time seeing this, I recommend you start from the beginning at

  9. Purple and Pink Guys were pretty much 8 Bit Willies in different coloured clothes.

  10. Fair point, but it seems to me as if he was getting an alert becuase soemthing happened and he seems to be in the company becuase if the tag

  11. I recognize that tag as being a form of computer code. Not any language I recognize (I know HTML and CSS very well, also am familiar with XML, Javascript, PHP, C++, Java and a few others, though am very rusty with those, but it looks like something that would have been injected into the code, while the hcrofton email is likely the legitimate one. It's what we call, in the Network Security industry a "man in the middle attack" combined with a code injection attack to set up the man in the middle.

  12. Ah ok, from my understanding It seemed to have been alerting mike to what was happening

  13. Exactly. If FE is restarting Afton's old Remnant experiments, they'd need a lot of unwilling test subjects, and if they're taking a more scientific method to the experiments, they'd likely want test subjects of all ages, rather then just the kids Willy exclusively used. They'd likely want to see if age makes a difference in the quality and quantity of Remnant, as well as any other changes in its properties. They'd likely also want to see how people of different ages respond to Remnant injections of different potency (potency being controlled by mixing Remnant with "saline solution" (medical term for salt water) to dilute it down to levels safe for human consumption/injection.

  14. I agree what i just said is not really evidence of death but due to the fact that well we don't know where she is it is up in the air if she died at the time or if it was a custody battle or if she was away. Another case some people use for Elizabeth dying first is nightmare Fred bears stomach mouth though this is not hard evidence as the person we play as in fnaf 4 is up in the air between Evan or mike. another piece of evidence i could bring up for Elizabeth dying 2nd is that the funtimes were probably made after Evans death because that's when William would probably be big into remnant to try and find a way to bring his son back to life which is why he made the funtimes to collect more remnant. if that is true the events would go like this Evan dies--> William makes funtimes --> circus baby turns Elizbeth into ice cream.

  15. There's also a good argument for the MCI of 85 preceding the Funtimes, so we'd get:

  16. The MCI most likely did precede the funtimes as willaim use the souls of the MCI kids to create the funtimes so they would most likely need to go first in a timeline stand point.

  17. There's also good arguments for the MCI souls not being added to the Funtimes right away, as the OGs appear to be haunted from about 85 or 87 through to after FFP closed for good. Then the Follow Me events happen in the closed Pizzeria and that would lead to them being added to the Funtimes, before William goes back for just one more, or to collect the rest, runs into the souls, gets chased into the safe room, where he dons the rickety old springbonnie suit and the rest is history.

  18. William Afton's mad scientist interpretation is mainly from the books, but in the games the mad science elements come later or are a backburner interest, he's mainly just a serial killer psychopath at first, his trigger likely being twofold:

  19. Rotate to different save slots. Though most bugs that can softlock you are fixed, you never know when one might come up to ruin your day. Rotate saves and at least you can limit the damage by just going back to a previous save. Rolling save slots is also handy if you're trying to lore hunt.

  20. Thanks for the advice, while I didn’t do that at start, I will definitely do that now

  21. It's a strategy I do with all games I play, if it's possible. I've dealt with enough soft locks and hard locks in games, and in both games and professional life, corrupted files to know the value of always keeping backups.

  22. Theft King being a comedian is a Theft King I like a lot better then the shit disturber drama king version of last Spring-Summer.

  23. There's also the part where after 85, William and Henry seem to have had a falling out and William ends up lo longer being a shareholder of FE nor involved in the management. As such, it's highly likely William would be blacklisted in the Toy's database as a likely disgruntled ex business partner likely to do malicious damage.

  24. that would make sense on why the glamrocks have such unique personalities and how they each seem to love doing their roles on the stage its because its the AIS last memories and thats what they really wanted to do.

  25. Keeping in mind that's just one possibility. It's also possible they have unique personalities because said personalities were hand coded into them. In one of the duffel notes, they reference Chica's "Personality Chip" implying a coded, unique personality.

  26. The chip could in theory be where the AI is stored. But it also could just be hand coded, we can only speculate with these kinds of things.

  27. just because he's alive in novels doesn't mean so in the games.

  28. Gregory wearing the same shirt "Always" really doesn't help your theory one way or the other. We see Gregory for only one night, so of course he'd be wearing the same clothes the whole time. When exactly would he be changing them?

  29. Bonnie doesn't play bass though. Monty was made with his claws already installed before Bonnie was decommissioned. Also bunny's don't have claws they have paws

  30. also look at NEW bass player, hinting that bonnie was the original one

  31. I toyed with that idea myself earlier this year. There is evidence he most likely died, but it's not 100% proof. In FNAF4, there is some hospital imagery, and at the end is the sound effect of a heart monitor going into a flatline, indicating for certain he spent at least some time still alive at a hospital, and in a coma. The flatline effect hints that he probably died, however it's not 100% certain he did.

  32. you have a point but its has to be henry cuz CPW makes no sense what so-ever if willaim went to jail

  33. I'm not familiar with that. Is that something that happens in the games or it is exclusive to the books? If books, which book(s) does it appear in?

  34. plus, Scott went out of his way to make the ucn fredbear model different from yellowbear proving that fredbear ISNT golden freddy.

  35. Or at least that there were more then 1 model of Fredbear, which would be true if FE had opened up multiple locations using the Fredbear and Springbonnie models before upgrading to the Freddy, Chica, Foxy and Bonnie in at least some locations.

  36. Wait how do we know that 3 takes place a few weeks before ffps?

  37. It may be more like months. I have since revised the timeline a bit to account for the amount of time it would take for Henry to realize what's going on and set up the whole FFPS trap.

  38. The TLDR is you really should read it as it's packed with lore nuggets you'll miss if you don't. 😉

  39. I'd expect the main purpose would be to gaslight the public. Have the true events form the core of the lore, but then add on crazy embellishments and red herrings that don't make any sense, but can be used to paint anyone who tries to talk about the old events as a Tin Foil Hat nut job who believes crazy things. Make it so anyone who does talk about the true things either get confused with the unprovable myths like Golden Freddy teleporting about, or make it so people hear MCI and assume the person's leading into that nonsense.

  40. Henry was first thought to have taken the kids which was explored by the police, who later realised that it was more likely that it was William Afton. I’m pretty sure that’s what he spent his time doing, building fake identities such as Dave miller and trapping teens and troublemakers that come to the warehouse that Dave works at, as we see him try in The Sipver Eyes when he traps Carlton in a spring lock suit

  41. Ah, so he's doing his murdery stuff at different locations then in the games, where he does 1 murder, his first, in the back alley behind the Diner, then he does his next 5 in the Pizzeria, then arguably another 5 in the FNAF 2 location, though there's no clear confirmation of that, then he's out of the picture until around the time of or shortly after SL.

  42. Pretty much. In the books he is confirmed to have killed someone in the spring bonnie suit at Fredbears, which is later revealed to be the “real Charlie” (It’s weird). He also killed Susie, Fritz, Cassidy, and some others at the book equivalent of the FNAF 1 location. And yeah, we don’t really have much clarity on if he DID kill people at the FNAF 2 pizzeria, but I think ryes theory on molten Freddy and a second MCI is a fairly reasonable explanation. And then he’s just basically a NPC (maybe doing some killing like I mentioned with the teens) until Circus Baby’s Pizza World opens in The Fourth closet, where he uses the final, unfinished, prototype adult Charlie bot as a the foundation for baby, who helps him kidnap kids “Just like old times” as Afton himself says. He is also seen experimenting on the OG mci Fnaf 1 victims with remnant, who later burn him to death.

  43. Man, you really managed to pack a huge amount of info into a single paragraph. Probably the biggest data dump on the main events of the books I've gotten.

  44. If they possess the entire bodies of the animatronics, that would definitely include the endos, and it's pretty clear they possess the whole things. Kind of hard to possess the endo and not also possess the castings, electronics and computer systems attached to the endos, and form part of the body as a whole.

  45. Well the problem is the suit gets scrapped and taken off many times while the endos just get re used, also for the human thing, we only possess our brain, since our "soul" is an electric signal within our brain

  46. water freezes if you leave it where it's below 32 degrees, but you also get warmth bonuses from drinking warm water.

  47. I like this. The system to implement it already exists in game too, would just need to be applied to water. teas and some cookable canned foods will be tagged as "hot" for a while, so water tagged as "hot" would give the warming up benefit, tagged as "boiling" or whatever would cause mouth scalds and loss of apatite for a while, limiting how much you could eat or drink and making eating/drinking anything tagged "hot" impossible until the scalds heal.

  48. I’d like to agree since it is nice to tweak the game just the way you want it. But there’s no getting around it, being able to earn feats on custom would allow some pretty serious, exploits around attaining feats.

  49. You can just exploit it by playing Pilgrim anyways and still have your feat progress. You can't do much in Custom that makes the game functionally any LESS dangerous then Pilgrim, so it's utterly pointless to block feats in Custom. What's more, while you can't make custom any easier then Pilgrim, you CAN make it harder then Interloper, so to have no feats on Interloper+ but feats on Pilgrim is just ludicrous.

  50. Saloon just makes me think of a wild west attraction. Cowboys and gunslingers and the like.

  51. There’s also evidence and a good story conclusion in Micheal dying, Henry even mentions it himself about our good loyal volunteer.

  52. The hero finally dying is a compelling arc, but there's also evidence in the form of Mike's past behavior that says he's the sort to live to keep up the good fight. in FNAF3, he tried to burn them all and failed, so he'd already know failure is a very distinct possibility and that Henry's speech is as much a suicide note as it is a victory speech, so he'd know at leas tone of them has to live on to make sure it's really over this time. In FNAF 3, Mike sets fire to the building, then splits. That happened only a few weeks or months before FFPS. So Mike's actions are those of someone who wants to live and his recent experiences are those of someone who knows the fires can fail.

  53. I respect the idea of Mike surviving FFPS fire, While I believe he dies to clean off an arc, it is possible he’s left like last time.

  54. That is a good point. We know both games took place in 2023, but not the exact months, so one could have been winter and the other in fall, which would have been 6-11 months apart, and that would have been enough time for Henry to learn about the FNAF3 events, Remnant and set up his trap.

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