1. Gnarly bike. Traded my 21 390 Duke for a 21 zx6r krt edition w that green and white paint pattern. I don’t regret it. Havin some bi polar weather here too so I’m not able to ride too often. Congrats on your new bike!

  2. Bouncing idle? I can't tell what you're asking on this video.

  3. Yes. Unsure why you have to click the video to view the description, but yes. On warm start up the vehicle will almost stall before returning to normal idle

  4. Yes. It needs to be replaced though. Tried two different iacvs and they both surged the idle real bad.

  5. He seems to think hell be able to just go on fb or craigslist and immediately find one(you can but a lot of the time theyre parts vehicles in my area) :(

  6. Lots of the autos in my area are wrecked crvs for parts. Sheet. My Cr-v needs a couple doors 😆. Lookin for a green one though. Need a hood and both passenger doors

  7. I think the prices people want for the manuals compared to the autos speak for themselves. I’m just speaking for my area, but it’s average of 5-6k vs 2-4k

  8. Hello fellow 08’er! I see that you, too, have been visited by the MPG thief, winter.

  9. I gotta know what those wheels are. I’m jelly, I want a second gen. Got a rd1 in the same color though!

  10. 390 might be a better first bike. Plenty of power, not gonna get boring 2 months later.

  11. Thing is purty. I was gonna repaint mine the same green it used to be, but where I live, nobody has common sense and will door ding you just to door ding you. So she’ll be getting line-x’d so even when I’m not around, if it gets door dinged my car gets to door ding em back!

  12. Pc as in price check? The res delete was a $150USD brand: Competition Werks(well worth it for the braps) and my slip on is Leo Vince GP Corsa matte which when I bought it, ran me $230USD (it’s an ok slip on exhaust). These were installed on a 2021 390 Duke. I say that because the res delete is different in both looks and install process compared to the 2019 for example. I recommend pairing that res delete with a slip on. Sounds weird w the stock muffler. You could be a hoon and just run the res delete open w no slip on or stock muffler… basically equivalent to runnin it with a shorty pipe lol.

  13. okey thankk youu!! but i meant with pc private chat for sending the videos xD

  14. If you’re truly considering buying one. You’ll not want my experience w my 2021 😂. Tbh, if you’re in the U.S and have no problem waiting sometimes months for parts. You’ll enjoy it street riding. 4,050mi on my Duke, purchased from 0. Biggest gripe I have w mine is how frequent something small will break rendering my bike sitting. my radiator cracked 300miles into owning it. Bike was out for 2 months waiting for a new radiator. I only have one dealer in me town and even something as small as a new tire will take weeks sometimes a month to get. My 390 liked to stall out when coming to a stop, mind you it doesn’t do it nearly as much anymore after I installed a resonator delete. My screen blacked out mid ride. Maintenance intervals are met on time sometimes early. Although I believe my dealer is a bit shady reason being, a $200 oil change later, the very next day I attempted to sell the bike back to the dealer cause it spends more time sitting than it does being ridden. These a-holes told me that the oil was low and very dirty. Mind you this was a day after I got it changed at this dealership. I’ll not lie. When the bike is running as it should, dude this thing is a blast to rip around. I’m my case though when things break I’m waiting a very long time to get parts before I can ride it. A friggin kickstand took over a month to show up. Torque heavy little motor. Sounds amazing with a resonator delete. I have a shorty paired w my resonator delete and sometimes it is a little too loud. I don’t hoon the bike around, the bike rarely surpasses 7,000rpm when I’m riding it. This is just my experience with my bike at the current moment. I can’t wait to get rid of it, call her my little pos.

  15. I have exactly the same one, in the same color. Almost 1000km to the first service. The only problem is the difficult to get the neutral from 1st (Easy from 2nd)… But I’m starting to get it. Every day it works better. I can’t wait to put it above 7000rpm to unleash this torque beast.

  16. Glad you enjoy it! This bike is a blast to rip around town when it’s running as it should. I just got it back up n runnin again n I’m having fun. It’s when it breaks soon after that pissed me off 😂

  17. I put a deposit on one in October and had to wait more than a month for a replacement clutch lever to come in. I live in Michigan and haven’t had the chance to ride it yet

  18. Snowed in? Seems KTM or each dealer that sells KTM just really don’t gaf on how long the owner has to wait for parts. It really sucks cause I saved for this bike and wanted it for so long n these are some of the experiences me n other customers have to endure.

  19. I personally go with Michelin Pilot’s or Dunlop tires. It’s all objective to each person though

  20. Mechanically sound. Good deal. Check engine (imo) run off. Got mine for cheap only to put thousands in it later because the engine wasn’t savable. The more we looked, oooooohhhhh the more we found. I will not deny though. Fun project to learn with this starfish of mine.

  21. I’m jealous. Should’ve went with this over my ktm. Thing’s been a POS for me the past year n change.

  22. Good sheet! I’ve got an auto, love that car. Wish I could get me a unicorn manual awd, but people want the unicorn prices for em. Where you got that bumper? How much was the paint?

  23. Don't drive it. Unless you want the shaft to break off

  24. You gonna do some terrible damage if you keep driving it with a bad u joint.

  25. I’m not disagreeing. Any way I can convert to FWD for a bit? I’m I gonna leak trans fluid by removing the driveshaft whilst I wait for parts? Trust me, I don’t wanna cause any more damage. Just at the mercy of eBay on shipping.

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