1. if this is true it's no wonder Twitter didn't make any money. Elon should hire an audit firm to evaluate the entire workforce.

  2. Elon did say that there were 10 people managing for every 1 person doing real work.

  3. ah Project Veritas, bastion of truth and investigative reporting. Except for that time they were sued for making shit up and lost, Or that other time they were sued for lieing and lost.

  4. Funny how they got 380 retractions by the mainstream media reporting lies about them in their wall of shame and have won 99% of their defamation lawsuits.

  5. For Trails in The Sky FC run it on compatibility mode for Proton 7.0-4 and cinematics will run smoothly.

  6. Hey thanks! I was actually able to get this working after an update to the steam deck sometime shortly after posting this. Same for SC.

  7. Awesome, I was just trying to run it a couple of hours ago, it runs fantastic but the intro video was running weird but that version of proton did much better

  8. I think this is from the official Persona 25th Anniversary merch

  9. I didn't chose the tag, probably a mod did that

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