NFT Trading Volumes Collapse 97% From January Peak

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  1. If I didn’t need 1-2 more pulls for destiny Gustav I would totally get this skin.

  2. This kinda reminds me of a comic about a rdm mithra I remember that pretty much was 1-75 on zilart expansion. I forgot the name but it was awesome.

  3. Not to mention right after you got the zombies/undead in the abbey. Scary stuff.

  4. I’m Mexican and Norwegian mix and this looks like something I would make.

  5. 20 to 25% has been normal in urban areas for decades now.

  6. My dad taught me back when I was a kid “2 for every 10.”

  7. I did it exactly once, not a bump stock just the belt loop trick. $50 gone almost instantly.

  8. Almost all courses use grey water and don’t use a drop of city water.

  9. My death of Superman comic has also not paid the dividends I was hoping it would.

  10. The local place near me just got bought out by camping world but they are keeping their name.

  11. I think she plays beautifully, but all the media I saw being pushed was of her twearking with it.

  12. California has a list of handguns that we can own, if you want your gun added to the list you pay for California to do the testing and certify it (it's why we're not supposed to have any Glocks newer than gen3) so most companies just keep manufacturing old guns that made it onto the roster for us

  13. I believe you have to remove 3 guns on the current roster for a new addition also.

  14. The 40 is beautiful but during winter we always take the 10.

  15. So we’re cool with polio, TDap, measles, Hep B, Tetanus, DPT, an HIB but COVID is where we draw the line? The COVID shot is no different than the flu shot. I’m all for ANCAP society I’m just confused on where the hive mind “line” is. Just like everything else, if you don’t like their requirements don’t use their service.

  16. Fuck. They will do it in the middle of the year when it’s too late to apply to private school.

  17. Luckily my son is in catholic school and the diocese SAID it’s not required at the moment, but that could change.

  18. If you are able to, materia collective came out with the zodiac brave cd of many artists.

  19. What about the guy who rapped about stealing Money from the state’s employment development department.

  20. I loved Midway games. Hydro Thunder, Blitz, NBA Jam. San Francisco Rush. My ideal arcade would contain mostly Midway and Sega arcade games along with Bally-Williams pinballs.

  21. Raw Thrills has some decent games... I aquired a Target Terror shooting cab years ago and had a ton of fun with it. And at least they've managed to stay in business.

  22. The games are dirt cheap affordable and makes it more common to see them in every pizza place.

  23. Maybe next time leave out all the sports games and claim insurance. Everything else in a box

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