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  1. Absolutely beautiful! It's truly a special feeling to have a house that's been in your family for ages isn't it!?

  2. Cloth covered, ungrounded cord. This space heater is pre-WWII

  3. Is that always a sign of something being that old? Because if so I might have a talk with my schools science department, 90% of the equipment they have has plugs like this!

  4. I removed a chandelier once in a century house. Two bare wads of wires connected with a speaker wire jumper. Pulled off the speaker wire jumper and the whole second story of the house went dark.

  5. Kinda reminds me of when my grandparents used to have a "Century Apartment building" and one of the apartments was wired entirely with extension cords spliced into the supply for the second upstairs apartment. It's a mystery how that building is still standing but I have a feeling the layers of lead paint and the asbestos siding have something to do with it!

  6. It’s not as nice as it seems. Got some rust starting on the rockers.

  7. Underneath is just fair. Rusty but no rot. The emerald metallic green and white two tone is what sold me on it. Picked it up in CT

  8. Thank you very much for your input on the matter! That went far more in depth than I anticipated. And I'll be sure to keep your info in my back pocket so-to-speak as you seem like a wonderful project consultant! I'm really hoping that the info that it could damage the foundation, kinda sits with her because I know my grandfather would be having a conniption about it if he was still around and I told him that. He spent the majority of his life in that house and tried his best to keep it upright with the limited funds they had. And I'm sure he'd be upset to see her wasting money that could be better put towards updating the plumbing, electric, repointing bricks, etc. Thank you again for the well wishes and plans!

  9. So, I have an update! I spoke with my grandmother and she was surprisingly receptive and understanding of the information I presented! She told me that the original plan was to just spray from the ground-level to the floor in the cellar (about a foot and a half all around). She told me that she'd speak with my uncle about the information and I told her that if she still wanted it done, we should put up a layer of chip board, and she seemed OK with that. I'm hopeful, but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm just glad they aren't going to do the entirety of the walls like I had thought. Thank you for making me want to bring it up to her, because the whole conversation went a lot better than I would have assumed!

  10. Thank you! So there was no issues with it lining up with the case, or using the eject button?

  11. I may have just got lucky, but nope. I got a similarly faceless drive from some other OEM. The button is a little shorter than the Tandy, but it works okay.

  12. wrong type of coolant, or just didn't change it ever?

  13. He bought it about 5 years ago as a project, and never looked at the coolant...

  14. This is really fascinating. I had no idea old corroded hoses would contribute to a loss of heat in the cabin.

  15. It's more the amount of buildup. I didn't have a picture of the hoses to and from the heater core, but they were packed full of this same rust and sludge.

  16. Hi, can you explain the difference? I have pine floors and I stained them after full sand. Came out a bit blotchy. So would like to know for next time. Thanks.

  17. Stain sinks into the wood, and can physically alter the color. (Hense the splotches) Finish basically sits on top and protects it while bringing out more of the natural color.

  18. wow, i love true crime and have never heard of him. how did they finally link him to the other murders outside of Buffalo? just that claim? and for him to change his MO is definitely unusual.

  19. I guess just based on the description. I believe he changed he MO because he realized the .22 Caliber thing was starting to make headlines.

  20. I'm glad mine is just filled with 90 years worth of old family furniture, books, files, and magazines. And absolutely every single peice of homework my grandfather and grand-aunt ever did. There's a sizable hole in the floor and an asbestos wrapped chimney, but thats really the worst of it!

  21. My basement is just the same except far spookier, and with two posts from trees in the yard. Unfortunately one is pretty well a powder-post.

  22. I have a 1020 and its a great rig, I think it has the same loader on it too!

  23. Interestingly the plate is registered to a 2012 Nissan, but judging by the inspection sticker this is an older picture. As others have stated it is an S-10 Blazer.

  24. Can confirm. The blue backlighting on my gauges is heinous, especially at night. I miss the all digital green cluster from my '97 Deville, it was easy on the eyes. (Better than Red or Orange imo) Everything was green in that car, everything...

  25. My house is indeed haunted! The house was built in 1898 and my family has been on the property since 1901. To my knowledge 5 people have died in the current house, and they were all family of mine. (All of natural causes) The previous house that sat on the same foundation had a family of four living in it and when it caught fire a wife and two kids perished because the husband apparently blocked the only exit trying to save a cream separator machine they had in the house. And the people who lived there before that were burned (I'm unsure if to death) on their own wood stove for not telling some robbers where the money from their recently sold crop of hopps was. (Hopps also still grows on the bank behind the house today) So yea, there's some energy and some spirits left behind from all the bad and good that have happened on the property! There's lots of doors and cupboards opening/closing on their own, small things being moved around, shadows, etc. Every so often Ill hear someone calling my great grandmothers name when there's no one around. I believe my great-grandfather is especially present because he spent most of his life there, had a great love for the place and was very proud of it!

  26. Those look straight out of the 70s and are purely decorative! If they were sharing any load they likely would have warped over time, or been bigger to begin with, so I assume the beam above them is carrying the weight on its own.

  27. I'm impressed at the restraint of this group to not immediately bitch and moan about the fact that it's sitting on carpet...

  28. I really didn’t understand that final W-body Impala, especially the fact that GM was too cheap to put indicator lights around the shifter.

  29. The shifter thing was a little odd to get used to at first, but I personally think that the lack of indicators makes it look slightly "neater" if you know what I mean.

  30. That’s fair. It does have a minimalistic charm to it, and it’s not like you don’t have them in the instrument cluster.

  31. Exactly! In fact the whole car has a minimalistic "charm"😂 But it's reliable, doesn't leave too much oil on the garage floor, and it's pretty comfy even for longer rides, so I can't really complain!

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