OFFICIAL: PSV sells Gakpo to Liverpool FC

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  1. He was ok/good in Russia from what I've heard but nowhere near the Napoli level. He is having a great season though. But its still one season

  2. To be fair, he's an absolute revelation. When you watch him play, you know it'll be more than one season.

  3. What a coincidence. I was browsing this old thread because I'm about to watch Come and See. I absolutely despise animal cruelty. Unless the animal is used as food, killing off a living being out of personal interest just justify it for me.

  4. It's utterly unnecessary. The film is already bleak enough as it is, but the scene where the cow dies really pissed me off. It gets caught in a cross fire (where during filming they used real bullets) and then they film a close up of the cow's eye slowly losing consciousness, and you're literally watching an animal die before your very eyes. The frustrating thing is, if it had not been for that I would have instantly regarded it as the most powerful film I'd ever seen, but that sequence just left me feeling angry, and the anti-war message could have portrayed just as well if it had not been for the gratuitous murder of an animal on screen.

  5. Sounds like something I'd share the sentiment of. I'm a massive movie buff, but no medium of art, because no matter how powerful their message is, that's what they are, justifies killing off anything. Thank you, I might just skip this one (even though I got it on Blu-Ray).

  6. Some fans are bringing Gini up, and saying Mane left early too, looking to the past is likely part of the reason we kept handing out contracts and keeping players around way too long. Milner, Henderson, Gomez, Firmino, they should all have been moved on this summer. Origi was kept around too long and isn't performing at Milan, Gini couldn't get into PSG's team prior to injury, and Mane had been dropped by Munich prior to injury. They're way past their best.

  7. I agree ..except for Bobby! Hendo could've stayed as well but as back-up and limited time if he'd be up for that. The transition was/ is being handled very poorly.

  8. Harvey Elliott will come through. He's too young for what we're asking him to do, but he's got it. I think he needs a more central, Countinho-like role. He needs to be where Henderson plays. Thiago and Fabinho on his sides.

  9. I completely agree. I'm aware of the mess we're in right now but players like Konate, Diaz, Elliott, Nunez and Gapko are reasons to keep me watching.

  10. Gakpo looks like hot garbage so far, absolute no workrate, no pressing and slow as molasses to top it off. Almost as suited to our game as Benteke, absolutely do not understand his signing whatsoever

  11. Filmmaker, actor, and composer Jim Cummings known for Thunder Road, The Wolf of Snow Hollow and The Beta Test. Fantastic guy!

  12. If you think DS is complicated (its really not), you'd probably have a stroke trying to play Nioh

  13. Played 1,2 and 3. Difficult but fair and enjoyable but Nioh kicks my ass! I love the aesthetics but it hasn't clicked with me unfortunately.

  14. I've played Wario Land 2 and own 3 and 4. They're by far my favourite 2D platformers of all time. I love the theme, the various conditions, level design and goofy humour! I also wish they'd continued the series..

  15. Final Fantasy IX is a good example, i think. the ATE (active time events) gave the player ample time to spend with some of the secondary characters. not only did this endear the player to the characters more, but it also made the cast feel that much more ensemble. i walked away feeling like every character was the main character in their own right, in spite of zidane being the main playable protagonist (outside of specific short events with garnet and steiner).

  16. That's what so cool about it! Really digging Vivi and Steiner at the moment!

  17. Final Fantasy 9, for sure. Yes it's dated at this point. Significantly. But it's still a great game with solid, classic characters. There's a lot of them, but the game does an excellent job switching up the cast groupings into smaller side adventures. Solid character driven game.

  18. I just bought this recently and I'm so hooked! I'm only at the Mist Cavern right now and looking forward to what's coming!

  19. I bought and played it for a couple of hours but I dropped it because I didn't click with me. Nothing wrong about the game, I just didn't enjoy it that much and that's fine. Perhaps I'll get back to it. I love the feeling and smoothness though!

  20. It's like temperature. You need a few days to acclimate to the climate of the country before you're in tip-top shape again. You cannot just go from sub-zero freezing to landing in a hot desert country. That's why you need to stay a bit in the airport, take an air-conditioned cab to your hotel, then try walking around outside.

  21. "A card, a card, my kingdom for a card!" I love that line! All those good memories! Glad you liked it and thanks for sharing.

  22. Dark souls 3 is a masterpiece and is a much better game than elden ring. That is all

  23. Haven't played ER yet but 3 is my favourite one compared to 1, 2 and Nioh (if that counts). That's the beauty of Soulsborne games. They all offer something different and I love them even more because of that!

  24. This sounds like it’s your first souls game? If so, fight every enemy. It’s a good way to learn and explore areas. Eventually you’ll know the layout and enemies so well that you can run by without issue, but you should only run by once you know you can beat them 10/10 times.

  25. I've finished 2 and 3 and currently playing 1. I love it but the level design confuses and leaves me feeling lost. Which I love and appreciate by the way! Gameplay-wise though I completely agree!

  26. You’re better off being naked and learning how to roll properly than using something like Havel’s Armor and tanking in DS3. All armor is pretty useless because the damage mitigation isn’t that big of a deal and Poise got nerfed into the ground. That, coupled with shields being pretty meh, made it so tanking was almost impossible in DS3. It’s a requirement to learn how to dodge roll if you want to make it through without bashing your head against the wall, and using heavy armor just makes you fat roll and gives you terrible iframes.

  27. I can agree! For pvp sure, but for pve there's not much use like said. I completed DS2, my first Souls game, without any shield or blocking, not because of the challenge but simply because I didn'tknew better. DS3 felt like it was tailor-made.

  28. All Souls game are challenging but different enough to stand out from each other. The level design, linearity is what made me prefer this one the most actually. There's Elsen Rind if you love wandering, Dark Souls 2 for infuriating and sometimes funny traps, Dark Souls 1 for less liniarity. Again, I really really like them all but 3 fits me the most. I never had to grind that much, but I did with other entries and I actually like grinding.

  29. They just watch movies at twice the speed.

  30. I mostly just keep to myself and the people I follow so I don’t know a lot of “controversial” letterboxd users. I will say though a lot of the long-winded reviewers who use no proper punctuation and capitalization mildly infuriate me lol.

  31. I'm so sorry for reviving this old comment but I remember not too long ago that I wrote and shared this exact same sentiment in a respectful manner on sub letterboxd with the same topic. ..I got bombarded with downvotes and rude comments.

  32. I think aaa games is the wrong description. I got recently burned by horizon. Loved it for 80 hours and then i was just inexplicably done with it. Loved Doom Eternal (aaa) though, what a romp! Just in general i prefer shorter games. 15 - 30 hours is my sweet spot. I am hesitant to start rdr2. And i still love playing my 3ds. I believe it is time to get a switch ;)

  33. Sorry for the late reply but I'm in the same boat. A lot of my favourite titles happen to be AAA games but like many others here my interests have shifted somewhat due to time constraints. There'll always be franchises that I'll keep an eye on such as like Elder Scrolls, Soulbornes and ..yes, Pokémon!

  34. That's a way more diverse taste than I had at yours age. Enjoy what's to come and thanks for sharing! Godfather I and II, Casablance, On The Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire, 2001,..

  35. Mark Ogden, who is a hack ESPN writer and a ManU fan, says we made this signing because Nunez is a problem…

  36. He merely adopted the torchic, I was born with it, molded by it. By the time the remakes came out I was already a man and they were nothing to me but BLINDING.

  37. Should've replied with that first line and end it with "You and I, we're not the same".

  38. So I was actually quite underwhelmed by it. Could you explain what made it that good for you?

  39. The over-the-top non-stop jetfighter action acting as adrenaline fuel and the self-awareness when embracing the American and Hollywood action clichés within its genre. It's pure entertainment and is advertised just like that.

  40. Guiness, Sam Adams darker stuff. Pretty much anything that's more brown than yellow

  41. Fair enough, but that's another category. Also, love Guiness myself!

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