1. They have that right in the sense that they can homeschool their kid. They absolutely don't have that right to demand a new teacher or force someone out of a job.

  2. assuming they have cheat codes its probably only Shiro and Michiru who can stop them right?

  3. technically a random dude could win if he just scratches a winning lottery ticket right?

  4. If you build an aquaduct the edge it „grabs“ the water from can not be the same edge of the tile that connects it to the capital as it would loop back on itself.

  5. has happened to me once in a normal map and I think it's happened more than once in a tsl map (the tsl is obviously on purpose though)

  6. off 90% of the time, they are SUCH a pain in the tail, sometimes I play with them on in case my civ is defensive (like vietnam)

  7. can someone copy paste the description because the mods removed this

  8. The mod is called "Rosetta - Dynamic City Names", you can find it here on the Workshop:

  9. probably not gonna be as bad as it is in cyberpunk, but it's definitely gonna be worse than it is now, think about it

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