Women scream after seeing sliding dead bodies while mountaineering.

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  1. I actually wouldn't care if someone else wore a seatbelt or not generally speaking. You have the information and can choose your own stupid adventure. I'll wear mine because I want to live and because if I'm ever injured in an accident I want an insurance company to pay for it.

  2. I already commented this elsewhere, but wanted to tell you my dad was in a bad accident, and most of his injuries came from the person sitting in the backseat behind him (no seatbelt) crushing him against the dash. I feel the same way, people should be free to choose their own stupid adventure, but you're right that beltless folks become projectiles and endanger everyone.

  3. Even in the backseat! My dad was in a bad accident 20 or so years ago, driver crossed the median and hit him nearly head on on the expressway. My dad was in the passenger seat wearing his belt, but the big man sitting behind him was not. The force smooshed his body into my dad's seat, and my dad was crushed against the dash and the man/his own seat. Hope I explained that okay. And that's where most of my dad's injuries came from, broken hip, ribs, and crushed arm. Everyone survived. So people in the front, make sure your backseat passengers are buckled up too!

  4. Work From Home sounds nice, coffee, caramel, clean linen and biscotti. Has anybody tried it?

  5. I agree but just to play devils' advocate, perhaps she is just at what feels like her physical breaking point with exhaustion and cold, and is feeling like she is wondering if she can finish this hike, and at that moment sees someone who pushed themselves that tiny bit more and paid the ultimate price. I imagine that if you're in a mindset where you're grappling with a decision of whether to throw away your $50K investment and go back down without finishing the climb, or push on against your own limitations to try for that summit experience, and then have a dead body slide past you, it could really unsettle you no matter how prepared and strong you went into it.

  6. Yeah, and don't forget oxygen deprivation. Hypoxic folks can be pretty unreasonable. I would most likely freak out too if i was on a mountain and saw some bodies tumble past. But then, I wouldn't be on a mountain.

  7. Its not in this flash sale, but keep your eyes peeled for zionhealth lip balm, it's so good. Looks like standard lip balm, but isn't waxy, smells amazing (I've tried orange blossom and elderberry, both great), and stays on a long time. Instantly moisturizing. It pops up on ipsy all the time, I've bought it 4 times.

  8. Last month I took screenshots of the details of the items listed for GB choice and it seemed like that was helpful so I did it again this month (plus first picture is an overview of everything I was offered at around 9:30 AM EST)

  9. Great post! As someone who skipped this month, I really appreciate the details.

  10. I felt the opposite, I skipped and there are all kinds of things I wouldn't mind trying! I'm going to cross my fingers that I see the fab, byroe, christophe robin, or milk bronzer in 2nd chance. Hope you atleast get some use out of the mascara!

  11. I hate the price but I've been needing an update of the goomee silk scrunchies because I lost the blue and the purple is worn to literally shreds now so I paid the $20 to get that and the perfume. I like Pacifica so the set is great, just not the price. Ugh, $20

  12. Yeah that seemed like a lot to me, that Pacifica retails for like $22, and those scrunchies are decent but shouldn't cost enough to justify $20 in flash.

  13. Nothing for me, but there's a few temptations. This is the first sale I've seen in a long time that I didn't roll my eyes at. The Skylar duo, all the earth harbor, huda and uoma duo, lots of bundles...


  15. I think the bag itself is cute enough but was wondering why on God's green red-and-pink-Christmas EARTH do they insist on putting some word or phrase on every. single. bag.

  16. Lol WHAT-IN-BABY-JESUS' RED-AND-PINK-MANGER IS GOING ON Yeah i like those colors, just was hoping for something a little festive.

  17. If it was an actual Jesus image in red and pink birthday drag, I would be absolutely elated! But a red and pink giraffe? Make it make sense ipsy!

  18. Dude I need that Jesus bag. I petition to get you on the Ipsy Bag Council.

  19. The problem is: that's like telling beer drinkers to take a single shot of liquor. The smoking is part of the ritual, and some people like how it builds up.

  20. Yes the build up. I like a slow climb, not 0-60 in one hit. The intensity of it kicking in from too-good weed sometimes makes me physically panic.

  21. She's great. I'd never heard of her, but googled and ended up watching 3 videos😬

  22. What about scarlet johansen? She's in Rise of Skywalker (? I think thats the one) and has a beauty brand The Outset

  23. To me, the ariel is flowers and coconut. After I've worn it for a while, it gets a little woodier, but mostly sweet floral and coconut. "Beachy". The mulan was like powdery, floral cough syrup, and also pretty sweet. They didn't work for me, but my niece loved them. If you like sweet floral, these might be worth a try for you.

  24. Not refreshments, but I found an old pack of razors in my closet that smelled "fishy". I also assumed it was the soap strip, and didn't use them...I don't know what was going on, but didn't want to use anything bad since I cut myself pretty much everytime i shave. Customer service should definitely replace/refund those. I email and tell them my expectations, and they usually do a good job making things right.

  25. that’s interesting, thank you. maybe these were old too. i unfortunately found out after i tested it (only on my armpits) 🫣 the unused one smelled like it too so it’s not a me problem lmao. i’m gonna contact cs !

  26. Hopefully your armpits are feeling fine. I've used a lot of expired products in my life (it didn't occur to me to check exp. dates on non-food items until I was like 30 lol) and I'm doing alright😬). Good luck with CS, let us know how it goes!

  27. It’s also great to ease them into the germ filled environments. Any kid without exposure to school age children or school environments is in for a doozy of a year in Kindergarten.

  28. Man am I learning this. My 5 year old has been in school 50 days and has missed 9 of them. Bronchitis, then a week-long stomach bug, then an ear infection. I'm hoping for healthy holidays coming up!

  29. I say don't stress. I stayed home with my daughter, who is now 5, and had similar concerns. She is a very social person. We didn't get out of the house as much as I'd like, because of covid, living in the country, and also, I'm kind of a homebody. We'd go to the library and park a couple times a week, but no preschool. I was worried she'd be weird with kids when she got to kindergarten, and sometimes felt selfish for keeping her home instead of sending her to a program. She started kindergarten this year and is crushing it academically and socially.

  30. It's snowing here and I'm trying something new today. I got a bottle of perfume oil, Gloss Moderne Universelle, from a subscription bag. Notes (which were nearly impossible to find, thank you

  31. Yikes! I would be emailing ipsy and adagio about that. Keep us posted!

  32. My mom puts it in a dish and covers with foil, and adds a little liquid to the dish and reheats in the oven. It takes longer than the microwave, but preserves the texture and stays moist.

  33. New to Ipsy member here - how do you build up so many points? I have only 600 right now because they made a mistake with one of my orders and when they fixed it they offered to also put 600 on my account.

  34. I've gotten most of my points by emailing ipsy about mistakes on the app. If I see a retail value that is wrong (always too high), I email and they give me points.

  35. Walk Hard. If you watch Walk the Line right after, it makes not-funny parts funny.

  36. I have extreme allergies to body washes. I love their body wash. It’s not going to be heavy scented or bubbly but it’s effective and gentle. I am also not allergic to the face wipes, I like that they break down easy. You can’t destroy your skin barrier with them. I do occasionally order this two items. Their body lotion is the quality of Acure. Not bad for the price and gentle. The products are more natural. Don’t buy the deodorant. It doesn’t work at all. The razors are only ok but I’m a razor snob.

  37. They have in the past, but I don't remember any subscription deals (as part of the black Friday deals). Also I remember the sale being not that great, or not any better than any other shop anyway.

  38. I picked this for my bag and whenever it pops up on this subreddit while scrolling my eyes see "vaginismus" or "vagina." 😂

  39. Yes! I see "vagina" everytime. I googled and saw that vamigas means "its steaming" in Esperanto. Then I had to Google Esperanto. Having your company name look like "vagina" is probably pretty good for brand recognition I guess?

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