Please shower .

Let's sip to good health and good company

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

  1. What RTV said above is correct…the update will fail

  2. Yes perfect this is what I am looking for. They seem to have some great options. Thank you

  3. Yeah I have a few jbod from them and I love the company after trying them out once

  4. What pussy of a dude/boy/KID beats up a little girl. Parents must really treat them like shit for this kind of bullshit

  5. How would this even be possible? Lol. Worst case, the kid has to bring a packed lunch. And only if this isn’t possible is where folks would step in and eval and this is a whole process.

  6. I’d say, trash man, but who wants that shot everywhere 😃

  7. KSE for certain. Especially for the arc in diversity via Jesse-Howard-New and improved Jesse.

  8. Agreed. Like what do you think gonna happen….at an airport!? Naaa

  9. Funny, cause I’ve known more “princess” guitar players than vocalists, though I understand the generalization.

  10. Haha. This is true (and I’m a guitarist/vocalist…) lol

  11. The weird thing about visible is it is piggybacking on Verizon while already being owned by Verizon. So, Verizon could just offer their existing customers the deal that visible customers get and not need visible at all but…money reasons

  12. Yep. This is true. Visible IS VZW service, Just throttled.

  13. Yeah I’d definitely get versed more than zero experience beforehand….while there are the “beginner-type” courses, they’re definitely designed to be a little challenging

  14. Always. It’s the reflection of yourself. Always be overdressed, at least that’s my opinion!

  15. And, the word “obese” in the dictionary definition is not classified as “slang” 🧐

  16. Even as a fairly savvy Linux user at the time I got my first professional Linux job, I found reading through the “Linux Bible” by Christopher Negus to be a pretty enlightening read.

  17. Yeah stuff like mentioned here def is helpful. The other is just grabbing a rhel flavor distro and practicing things locally via virt or VMware player etc. SELinux, dnf (and why dnf over the typical “yum” command), etc are good places to start around the core os functionality! Best of luck in the new role!

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