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  1. That’s a g37 not g35 did u read the listing? It’s a great price even stock ones be around 15k salvaged title

  2. Saw a 3 of these at a junkyard. Guy claimed them before I could at $100/each. Even for an incomplete set...damn.

  3. It’s gotta be the most expensive stock wheel forsure

  4. People actually like these? I gave mine away they hella ugly

  5. No one wants a de widebody. It would sell but maybe 7k at most like he’s gonna take a crazy loss but that’s Alr

  6. I’ve been offered 19k for it he had cash but I put more money into it then that

  7. Personally I hate single exits with a passion but I heard Tomei is too aggressive

  8. Nice I have a 2012 300s 5.7 I paid in cash when I was like 16 I’ve had it for 2 years never left me stranded and always starts in the morning I love it it’s so comfortable and easy to use catches speed pretty quick it’s all I’ve asked for in a car but a 2023 300c would be an upgrade even tho they only have minimum difference between the 2012 I got to say it does look very beautiful

  9. This the type of people I like to surround myself with

  10. Get an engine from the junk yard and look up videos on how to swap the motor out I take less than a day to do it it’s pretty easy

  11. Christ there are a lot of idiots in this group. Almost no-one has given you the correct answer.

  12. That’s weird the top one is high beam and low beam

  13. I am the highschool student in movies in real life had a car since I was in 8th grade

  14. Do you know how much weight you saved over the stock hood?

  15. I have this hood it’s about the same weight seibon isn’t real carbon just fiberglass overlayed with carbon fiber so it isn’t very light it’s just for cosmetics

  16. Be ready for hate comments idk why everyone in here is so negative

  17. Nice build, that body kit looks really nice! I saw your reply to another user about your Stillen front bumper being rare. I was wondering where I should look to also try and get one? I really like that design. Thank you!

  18. You can look on their website it’s around 500 dollars and thank you 💪🏽

  19. Hey bro check my car out I have the fiberglass mafia widebody kit, stillen front bumper, seibon carbon hood and eBay grill

  20. Get an exhaust Get cold air intake and plenum spacer And tune will give at least 18 whp

  21. I have the rarest bumper on a g35 that actually looks good and fits perfect it’s stillen

  22. nice car to have at 16. almost 21 and ive gotten mine recently

  23. That’s great, only reason I am able to build this is thanks to my father teaching me to do everything since i was like 5. Teaching me crazy worth ethic and helping me find my creative side. This is only one of many cars I’ve made this wasn’t even my best car

  24. Good to see more unique g35s opposed to spec-ds with the carbon hood

  25. they aren’t 100% gone, just slight now. what i did when i was checking the car out was check the coil packs(specifically cyl 4 and 6) because when spark plugs are changed, it’s easy to mix up the plugs. i asked to borrow some tools so i could access them and sure enough, they were swapped, causing the nasty backfire. switched em, put everything back together, and it was significantly smoother! the reason i decided to check the coil pack plugs was because the owner said he had changed the spark plugs, and after changing them, the misfire started. figured that was a very likely cause.

  26. Thank you man I just saved my brothers car he was about to swap the engine because he did everything under the sun til I saw this randomly and told him about it and it work Lmaoo

  27. I don’t know I have tire size 335s in the back with airbag suspension the ride is death

  28. Bruh thinking he's a C7 ZR1 with those tires.

  29. Actually it’s 335 35 18 so it’s Lamborghini wheel size

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