1. My gamepad does a similar thing, I find a spot, and it only charges there for 3-4 days. Did the gamepad die? Mine tends to charge when it still has some power left.

  2. I don't think it died. The issue is that the red light will only stay on for a few seconds before turning off. I will then try to play a game but will receive the low battery warning after a few minutes. I think the problem is that one of the metal leads on the docking staying must have snapped off, making the pad have be seated sideways in order for the light to turn on. This doesn't explain why plugging it into the ac adapter doesn't seem to work...

  3. The smug sheep watermelon was on the grassy knoll. Prove me wrong

  4. I think the talents are trying to present as normal people more across the board, even if only slightly. Except Sora. Sora has snorted an entire line of moe and shows no signs of stopping.

  5. How do I make a Havel + glintblade mage build without putting enough points to where I am at NG+ levels?

  6. You need to be more clear abt what exactly you're trying to do if you want a clearer answer.

  7. Basically that. I wanted to wear as heavy/high poise armor as possible with the addition of carrying a great shield and club while still being able to midroll AND cast glintblade sorceries. It seems like it would be a hefty stat investment to the point I would be well over 125 to pull it off unless I where to sacrifice the ability to do decent damage

  8. In practically all scenarios, you will not be able to recover purposefully deleted data from an SSD period. Due to TRIM + Garbage collection.

  9. Then why did the programs that were behind the paywall to recover the data actually turn up a few things?

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