1. i feel curious now what is worse than metal cause the way i see metal is a 7 plastic is an 8 and burst is a nine in terms of writing quality

  2. I’m my opinion metal has the best writing with plastic second and burst just behind. All the gens are different and none have the best writing objectively its all about opinion and preference.

  3. i agree for me characters and the ability to get invested in the plot are the most important things hence my ranking with main character also being very umpirtant for me

  4. Although I disagree with your ranking and I think the plot and side characters of MFB are amazing. I completely understand why some may not like Gingka as an MC.

  5. As a long time Vegeta fan I wish for this to happen but I’m prepared for disappointment

  6. Are u mentally challenged? Dragon ball evolution did not follow the source material at all, they had Goku in fucking high school

  7. I think it’s cause the miyagi-dos act very superior and preach about them being all high and mighty

  8. Best way 2 start is buy lots off eBay and Market place, it helps getting the common ones out of the way. Then you can buy the rarer ones individually.

  9. Which ones are more rare? Like L Drago and Pegasus?

  10. Surprisingly those 2 are quite common. The rarely beys are ones like Mercury Anubis, Blitz striker and Evil Befall (not including recolours)

  11. Robby fans will always be the biggest meat riders they overtook the Miguel fans awhile back.

  12. I must've got him confused with Ziggurat my bad

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