I fucking hate having autism so much!!!

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  1. Every word of this is what I’m experiencing (as I’m also autistic). The last thing I expected was to see someone experiencing the exact same thing, but here we are. It’s normal to adapt to things, but don’t exchange your personality for what people want, whatever it costs. You’ll find somebody who cares about the genuine version of you, even if it takes time

  2. I'm 33 and never found someone. Whenever I thought I found a good friend who accepts me for who I am, it gets revealed that I'm the only one who felt close and I was more of an acquaintance to them than a friend.

  3. I can feel your pain, i have muscular dystrophy and people think I am not their type i had friends when I was 12 but after that age i lost my ability to walk nobody care about it and they move on their life but my life was stucked at 12, friends left me alone in darkness but i believe that you are the only one who matter no matter what people think no matter how alone you are just be your friend, try to focus on art,

  4. I'm not good at art or anything. I don't enjoy doing things. I'd been forced to give up anything that could have been a special interest or hobby so I could cope with school and friends. But none of them were worth it. People told me that if I just kept playing the game, I'd find my own niche and people who appreciate me for who I am, but that was all just a bunch of lies to make everyone feel better. I'm sick and tired of those lies, I can't even tell if I'm genuinely smiling sometimes or if it's all a reflex.

  5. Same. I hate my life. People have so many expectations of us and most are unwritten and unspoken. We disappoint them without trying, just by existing we disappoint them.

  6. Same here. "There are plenty of fish in the sea." So what, they're not biting.

  7. A guide to schools, colleges, and workplaces. Which workplace cultures are there, if they are very socially-oriented and how they differ in terms of behavioral expectations. Casual, formal, goofy? Is the (school)work easy but so many social activities after hours that people are required to go? Is the (school)work tough but made easier by structure, clear rules and instructions? I think finding a good cultural fit will help NEETs/hikikomori adjust to society. Not all schools or jobs are the same. That could go for activities and clubs too.

  8. I don't know you, I can't give you advice. But I will tell you this, life has a lot of bad things and a lot of good things. Sometimes we forget to see the beauty in the good things. It took me years to realize this, and now I am a lot happier than I used to be. Anyway feel free to message me if you ever want to chat about anything.

  9. I'm the bad in my life. I wish I could get rid of myself.

  10. What's wrong? Why do you think there's something intrinsically wrong with you?

  11. Being a failure in life. Because I'm too different to connect with anyone.

  12. Thanks. I want to thank the people who commented below too, but it seems hollow. Hope they read this, or the upvote means something.

  13. I'd like to see isolation as a positive thing and an opportunity to rest, meditate and reflect on your own. Try looking into Morita Therapy, which includes a period of isolation.

  14. I can't even do manual labor, I'm too uncoordinated and unhealthy. If you have physical strength, make the most of it. Brainy jobs are overrated. They don't pay very well either.

  15. Sick of society as well. You're right, society tends to look up to people who abuse or put down others. They only care about who is better.

  16. Same. I need the distraction but nothing is working for me anymore.

  17. Not anymore. I couldn't stand the side effects and withdrawal effects.

  18. Yes and no. I have a lot of "friends" IRL but nobody close and nobody I can hang out with on a regular basis. We have too little in common. My interests are too weird to find friends with and I'm not a rabid fan of anything either so I can't attract friends that way. I'm not good enough at anything to be cool or useful. It's my fault I don't have any close friends but when I try to be closer, that scares the hell out of them. Basically they only what surface level friendship, nothing deep or heavy. Those friendships have little substance, very unsatisfying.

  19. How do you think the end of the world will occur?

  20. Same as in the Bible. When they say "peace and safety", there will be sudden destruction.

  21. What's your diet like? About a couple months ago I was suffering from serious depression and anxiety. I started the

  22. Regular but depends on what family get. Usually rice and fried food.

  23. Enjoy what you have smile when you are ready and laugh when sad. Life is yours and be weird odd and funky lol.

  24. People claim they don't hate me but they hate all the weirdness, which is most of me. It's not fun not to belong anywhere. Not to have a safe place to come home to.

  25. Bad to whom? Yourself? And or others? Idk how that'll add up. I mean don't you yearn for betterment?.. To each of their own if. Count me in then. Tired as well

  26. so what do you like op? or what do you really want? Everything is really tough... I know, I'm also there... how are you today? did you have breakfast na. Sana masarap ang ulam mo today... Wishing something good to come your way. stay strong... 🫂🫂🫂

  27. Pagod nanaman pero di makatulog. Grabe ang tama sa akin ng stress ngayon, umiiwas nalang ako sa mga tao kasi iritable ako masyado. Ulitin ko yung mga sinabi ko sa ibang comment, wait lang. Pasensya kung mahaba.

  28. Definitely can be said differently. In Mandarin, the term "很重" if used as a modifier for personality, would carry a (not necessarily intentional) negative connotation of "overly focused" or "imbalanced", such as "防衛心很重" (having a defensive attitude) or "得失心很重" (caring too much on one's gains and losses). If the guy just wanted to praise her and is sensitive enough to not trigger her marital anxiety he could have said "你很積極進取" or other more clear-cut positive terms.

  29. Wow, many thanks for the detailed explanation! True, it might have been also the woman being too self-conscious that she got triggered. So it goes both ways, wrong choice of words, and being oversensitive.

  30. Ambitious can be translated in many terms and they have different meanings.

  31. Interesting. The "double standard" is actually new to me, because in our country (the Philippines), "career women" are admired and honored. I don't think it takes away from womanliness at all.

  32. My philosophy thinks that meaning of life depends on personal thoughts. If you think your life has no meaning, it won't. But, if you invent one, it can become a true meaning. Even if you just live for, idk, watching any anime you can or something like that

  33. That's true, it's how I've been coping with life over the years. Now the usual reading and watching don't cut it anymore. The stressors and traumas are too much. I'm falling into very bad habits, some morally questionable. That's why I'm panicking about the situation now. I think I'm going to be hurting people in my life soon.

  34. Hard not to compare myself to others when I'm extremely lonely. I'm not the kind of person who lives on passion alone, I want connection, otherwise I wouldn't be here posting and commenting.

  35. I hear you and resonate so strongly with your words and experiences. I don’t pretend to have any answers or know a sane and satisfying way through this life but sometimes I find it useful and a little soothing to remind myself of the following quote:

  36. I spend half my day in a Dissociative state where I am just floating through a personal multiverse where I talk with gods while playing with my cats and doing crafts.

  37. That's amazing. You were able to find a way to keep everyone satisfied and still find your joy.

  38. WOAHHH that was interesting. Thanks for that, it was cool.

  39. Sa Pilipinas ganyan talaga. Kultura na natin magpa-macho effect.

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