1. I'd rather be with her than Todd Packer or Jan. She's easily the best worst character!

  2. For sure, but I would negate her from the conversation and focus on the bros at the table

  3. The bros would include her in the fun. Look at Darryl teaching Nelly how to eat TAK-COS shovel style lol. And she would be a good sport about it unless she took your seat.

  4. Just makes me sad. Sad bc hes a good guy, and really sad bc my team fucking sucksssssssss

  5. I wish I had known about this. I definitely would have gone to piss off the protesters

  6. These days just Google when a drag story hour is going on, these days there's blind to be some weird protest like this one.

  7. Ok. Can you unpack this for me? Because have some kind of mental block and it just does. not. make sense to me.

  8. To expand on this: my love for you is so strong that even if death really is the end and there is no afterlife, I will still find you.

  9. What a great flavor combo, what's the inside look like? You got great lift there.

  10. “Why are they making a prequel? People stopped caring about Game of Thrones as soon as it finished, and nobody talks about it anymore.”

  11. I want to see this. I very much want to see you draw the names of the aliens with a fountain pen.

  12. So they really left the country? I would've stayed as a spectator.

  13. I'm not surprised, I'm sure a lot of losing players leave asap. Pulisic was broken up - I'm sure he wanted some space to clear his head.

  14. This came up a week or so ago, but the swastika is one of the oldest and most widespread symbols, dating back quite literally tens of thousands of years all over Europe, Asia, and Africa

  15. More than six years ago we stepped into western China for the first time. It was a totally different world than we were accustomed to. Ever since that first venture, I invested time in learning all about the Silk Roads, with the goal to explore as much of it as we can.

  16. This is so cool, an adventure into the ancient past. This really fires my imagination, a trip I've always wanted to go on but didn't know about haha.

  17. I'm not saying it was a good trade, but every single one of us would be beyond glad if we were in her shoes.

  18. Wow that's a serious adventure into the wilderness. What kind of gear did you bring?

  19. Not really, its a live tree out in the elements. Things are going to make themselves at home it’s natural

  20. No it's disturbing that I didn't think of this before and now I have all these bugs in my house all these years lol

  21. They just needed a blue lock caliber striker to carry them over the line. Every single one of those players should be proud of themselves, they did great.

  22. Worst buy in the last… 10 years? I’d take Maguire over Lukaku. I’d take Pepe over lukaku. Ffs, bakayoko and Drinkwater look better right now. 3 more seasons of this? Damn.

  23. Lukaku was tied for the second most goals last season. He is probably the worst transfer of all time, but I'd rather have Lukaku than any of those players you listed.

  24. I bet you he will be a winner, well respected in the league by fans and players. But as he's winning, he finds the winning is hollow with no heart behind it. Opening himself up to be redeemed.

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