1. Depersonalization mmhm, yeah this really captures the feeling, good job!

  2. Well you take the hoodie, skin and Expressions from Jesse pinkman and then Eminem just adds a touch

  3. Scare the absolute fuck outa him, bring him down to a pill party, make him see what he could become, imma assume your brother is around 13 and is clueless of the actual hazards are like moving onto harder shit like every teen does at some point after starting vaping, so imbed that fear of becoming a addict into his brain, personally the fear of seeing what happens to previous people in my life is the reason I dont do shit so yeah trust me dude it works

  4. Personally I don’t care at all it’s your relationship but yeah I mean during a relationship, nothing is wrong with having other dude friends but u typically shouldn’t be seeking attention from other dudes based off your looks as that what it seems like is happening, this could make your dudefriend feel like he isn’t doing good enough on the complement part of the relationship, but imma be straight up honest chances are slim of your relationship with your dudefriend to last as u both got some issues to work through, like he shouldn’t go through your phone but yeah take this moment as a learning experience and I guess goodluck with life and stuffs (imma also likely delete this soon as I hate relationship posts so it would be awful for me to have a comment on one on my profile)

  5. I know I would likely suffer knowing this, so I’d probably go skydiving and live my dream of attempting to land in sky zone and then yeah that’s about it

  6. The world will fall when lean makes it to elementary schools, cheap, easy to make, easy to hide, boom earth boom boom

  7. broo wtf like 4 people in my class vape fr fr

  8. No, blackberries are good but there are black grapes, they’re dark purple but called black.

  9. It is a grape though…a blackberry and a black grape is two different things.

  10. A grape is a berry and it is black which makes it a “black berry”

  11. Pins are more durable then people think, just lightly brush it with something light like a toothbrush

  12. u could rip it to shreds and as long as u tape it back together it’s still worthy

  13. That’s great, but I have to bring logic into this, that is logistically approximately 2.521% impossible, how can u have a relationship for so long without actually being able to meet her in real life, people can be way different on online vs real life

  14. My house… like honestly though there is like these black panel things that display light into my eyes

  15. I've never seen a Toy Story movie. I keep meaning to get around to it and I avoid references to it because I don't want to spoil it.

  16. Lol, u should just wait to watch it with like your future kids or something, maybe I’ll do the same for lion king

  17. i started when i was fourteen, i’m sixteen now. only just started to get off it as i am seeing the effects/ going through withdrawal. it’s hard, very hard. but it will get better! on day 5 rn, my friend is currently vaping right beside me and i’ve resisted the urge to use it! seems insignificant but it’s a big step for me.

  18. Also buddy, force yourself to eat food, u will probably loose your appetite soon and then it gets even worse, I had friends like try and quit and they just stopped eating everything for like days and that’s typically when they go back and bottom feed offa the drugs lol uhhh so yeah good luck man

  19. i love food too much 😭actually eating is the thing that helps me the most


  21. Good choice, but we’re talking about olives here

  22. Would u like 50kg of smiley fries? (I’m American I don’t know how heavy that is)

  23. I would gladly accept 50kg of smiley fries (I’m Canadian and 50kg is like roughly 110 lbs)

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