1. Depending on the situation, free will is implied here so one might be not enough for safety reasons or potentially for free will itself to exist all possible actions would be needed to exist in some form.

  2. I sincerely think science will prove the multiverse in the next 5-20 years. Because thats what infinity basically means. And infinity means God. I think our universe is just a small cell or atom in the grand infinity of God. And cells die and are reborn every day.

  3. Science has a hard time understanding many things in this universe, like time, i do not imagine scientist will come far with the multiverse.

  4. There is quite a lot to mixing, first of all autotune is mostly done first in the fx chain.

  5. The nature of the self and reality, is completely thoughtless, selfless, and empty. If you have come closer to reality, and seen some of it, you will know that any feeling or thought of grandiosity is coming from the ego self, from the thought matrix that is currently ruling you and keeping you asleep. The way to the Self and reality is through humility, and acceptance. Giving it all away. Give yourself away and lose yourself, die before you die, are sayings that lead you to Truth. Keep on the path, do not for a minute think anything about yourself, your idea of yourself is completely off and unreal, the true you is waiting for you to return home. that path is one of negation, surrender, humility and acceptance. Live in the moment, forsake your thoughts, and simply Be.

  6. I would agree and disagree, before the belief is brought a person is no-one special and just a tiny part of an enormous reality, when someone goes trough the process of self discovery some stages take place.

  7. Always do this, hmm. That’s easy, i can just re-release the song as many times as i want no creativity or brain required.

  8. No, queen just cheated. Likely illegal move.

  9. Yeah I know. It annoys me that they basically introduced like 1 new feature that is actually useful (comping) and the rest is just... fat

  10. I neutralised your downvotes a bit, i do understand tough a upgrade plan is annoying for there are quite some minor and major feature changes depending on preference, it sucks that it is for a collab and the upgrade does not appeal to you, do mind (although a bit to late) a project from 10 to 11 will work but not vice versa.

  11. I believe 200, or 140 on discount on official ableton site.

  12. Vocal doubler is free, i know quite some paid plugins do this. First i would look if there is not another vst in your channel on trail mode.

  13. Tbh i am quite a noob, although i do know music monitors (knowing not the monitor you mean) and would advise genelec 8020 for their very good. Besides that i am afraid a can not help.

  14. First how the funk am i supposed to give you advise if i was full of doubt of taking my own life a year ago, and second pawn E4.

  15. I would not. Are there any duplicate tracks?

  16. You can make your own with a internal m.2 ssd and a m.2 ssd case.

  17. There is a lot that can cause latency, i’ll send a link.

  18. It would be basic sound design to achieve the results from that synth from what i hear, maybe try a sine with noise then saturate, eq, compress, eq. A lot of what you mean with pure is removing frequencies from your bass.

  19. Go into session view and look what is using most cpu, if you have a lot of fx on groups it won’t freeze, and also for example ozone on the master is really cpu intensive.

  20. It is not your responsibility to care for others, I would not bother unless it is obvious it wil be worth the effort.

  21. Black places king on H7 hitting whites timer immediately, putting himself in check an losing by move in whites turn. Double win for white, case solved.

  22. Learn sound design, or get nexus if you are listening from songs from 2014

  23. Op is giving someone an opportunity to practice or have fun, whilst also getting their shit mixed. A nice exchange if you’re willing. If.

  24. Mom’s spaghetti, there is vomit on his sweater already.

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