1. It’s just when you don’t think you’ll be caught that they catch you, and sometimes they might even have a case building against you and you could be in even more trouble when they catch you down the line.

  2. I hatched one yesterday it was a three star but I fully evolved it and gave it to my fiancée since I he loves that Pokémon

  3. Mine is a 3 star and it’s right over 3200. The one I evolved was caught in the wild, but I’ve hatched a bunch of them. I also invested a lot of stardust to get it to a higher level

  4. Either way definitely evolve it when your ready. She’s one of my go tos against team rocket! Good luck!

  5. I’ve had a problem like that with adding 3 friends, im stuck at 2/3 even after adding at least 20 people. I’ve restarted my phone and even logged in and out of the app itself. Nothing has changed. Just going to finish other challenges and see if it fixes itself. Good luck though! And please let me know if it works. You can also add me 536727411414

  6. I have the same problem. Stuck at 2/3 and it’s driving me nuts. I’ve looked up some stuff but can’t find anything out

  7. I got one as well with my first time! Love it so much! Had to not scream so I wouldn’t wake up my kids lol.

  8. You know, but can you prove it?

  9. Like living in a rut. Wake up every day to put a fake face on for my kids, work through the motions of the day until it’s finally bed time again. Then just repeat. Depression hitting me hard but have to look positive for my kids. It’s exhausting

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