1. Hazbin Hotel. Still like the show, but the freaking toxicity of the fandom was so bad.

  2. I love this so much! It's so cute and encouraging!

  3. OMG the art style is so cute! Is this a show?!

  4. Shoot, I don't have Crunchyroll, and can't afford it right now. Will be saving this post though to come back to when I do have money for it so I can remember what the show is called!

  5. I agree that Medusa would most likely be accepting of the idea that perpetrators of domestic violence should all be punished, no matter the gender. I would talk with Medusa and Athena themselves to see if they would work together, but I feel they might.

  6. Such a smol fluffy baby. May she be well taken care of by her new humans!

  7. WOOT! Yay Harpo! Wishing the best for the surgery!

  8. Take as much time as you need. Mama Tiger will help to make sure you get plenty of healing cuddles!

  9. I do! He doesn't really play fetch, but he greets me at the door whenever I get home from work and follows me around the house. My Zeus is my puppy kitty and I love him πŸ₯°

  10. Tell her the only one who can decide which orientation you are is you yourself. She can't decide that for you

  11. I just always liked calling them "Slime Poop" because it's funny.

  12. Start with the question of legality. Often there are laws against removing things, even a small stone, from public lands like parks.

  13. I usually just go with the moon phases. I've not really looked into astrology, though I've been thinking of dabbling in astronomy (I've had as much of a fascination with the night sky as I have with the oceans)

  14. I personally communicate with mine using my pendulum and pendulum board, though tarot, prayer, and meditation are also ways you can reach out to your deity

  15. Aro awareness week starts on the first Sunday after valentines day! This year it's from the 19th to the 25th

  16. Was about to comment this, but you beat me to it

  17. You're a witch the minute you decide to start practicing. I'm a very casual practitioner (I only do spells when I feel like it), but that doesn't make me any less of a witch as someone who practices daily.

  18. She would sit on your lap ALL day. And then scream in the hallway all night.

  19. His blep shows he has no regrets for the crimes he has committed

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