1. I have issues with Inkand twinkle rainbow filament partially clogging at times. I think it is the sparkles.

  2. Same. If I print at 230 I get best quality and least clogging with that filament though.

  3. I get less clogging at the higher temp but more stringing. But when it works good the results can look really neat.

  4. Is fdic insurance per account, or per institution? Say I had $300k in an account. Only 250k of that would be insured, leaving 50k at risk. If however I opened two accounts at the same bank - say ally - each account holding 150k - would the total sum of 300k be covered?

  5. It's per bank per account ownership type. $150k in two accounts both with you as the sole owner would be covered to $250k and you would be out 50k. If one account was joint ownership with a spouse for example all would be covered. See

  6. So if one were a money market account and one was a savings account - then the full 300k would be covered as they’d be in different account classs, right?

  7. I think if the two accounts have the same single owner only $250k would be insured.

  8. First of all i would make sure your iphone and desktop are running the latest updates. What version of ios is on your phone and os version on your desktop? Most likely your LP account has been compromised.

  9. Sounds more like they just can't remember their password than their account being compromised.

  10. Going to follow the thread to see what you find out.

  11. Money market accounts limit the number of withdraws you can make a month. If you can't live with that limit you might want to have some if the money in a checking or savings account.

  12. You can find pollutant air quality information at There is also a mobile app to view the information on a phone.

  13. You would be about an hour from Baxter Springs which Rte 66 went through. They have a history museum and an old bridge. I think that is the town where the inspiration for Tow Matter is located.

  14. A tad more information would be helpful. What is it doing when not printing?

  15. This is why I keep s small savings account at a local bank. I can deposit important checks there and then transfer the money to Ally.

  16. My understanding is that printing with a steel nozzle requires a higher temperature that using a brass nozzle. Could that be the issue?

  17. The issue is not just cross country but also short day trips. Say you live in KC and want to visit Emporia and return. It's just an hour and 30 minute drive and about 200 miles plus what ever distance you put in around Emporia but no DC charger once you leave KC along the Interstate or in Emporia. Not sure I would want to try that in a 250 mile range EV in winter or if I also wanted to drive around the Flint Hills NWR on the way back.

  18. She tried to warn people about the vaccine. Drs. That actually know what they are talking about tried to warn her about COVID. My Dr. told me he was giving up trying to get people to get vaccinated. Tried every logical argument he could think of.

  19. Don't level the build plate with a level. The idea is to align it with the printer not the earth. Very few floors/tables are perfectly level. Therefore, even if you manage to assemble the printer perfectly square it will still likely not be level.

  20. I have had really good luck getting prints to stick to the magnetic bed if it is clean and leveled. Try to clean the magnetic sheet off with soap and water and see if that helps.

  21. Check to make sure the voltage switch on the PSU is set correctly.

  22. The shed limit in most residential areas is 30mph not 60 for a reason.

  23. I expect this will not pass but still wonder how many people it could kill. Some people will see this and it will reenforce their fear if the vaccine and make them decide to not get it. Essentially killing people that voted for you.

  24. Will we, as a society, ever look back at these anti-vax people as complete idiots or have we gone so far that we will have to deal with them forever? I mean society as a whole in complete consensus that this was just a time where politics won out over science and common sense.

  25. Won't have to deal with them forever. Just have to deal with them until they die.

  26. Even that might be low from watching the number of people that wear masks.

  27. I remember buying my first car. It was not best that nice. Congratulations!

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