1. If I can say one thing, never choose a specific field simply because of the money. Choose a field that you love, are passionate about, and the money will come. I'm speaking from experience. I wasted so much time following the dangling carrot, big money, 100k a year income, gave it all up because I was miserable! It takes time, but I truly believe if you are passionate about what you will also be amazing at your job, and that's when the $ will come! Life is too short, be happy, and best of luck!

  2. They eat the scabs off you and drink the moisture out of the corner of your eyes while you sleep

  3. Why do people have to film this and plaster it all over social media? I feel like it's completely tasteless and he is likely doing this for his own selfish reasons.

  4. It truly boggles the mind. We have genuine five alarm emergencies like the global climate crisis, war in Europe and pandemic to contend with, yet so much bandwidth being consumed by one tiny irrelevant issue. I know we can talk about more than one thing at once, but if you go on social media itโ€™s like this is the only issue in the world being discussed right now.

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