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  1. Young dad.. opposite side of the spectrum but I totally relate to this. 30 with a 6 and 11 year old..

  2. The fact your elephant doesn't have any creases is impressive in itself.

  3. My theory is Zodd could die here, unless griffith saves him. We need a climactic moment as the last couple battles were a deadlock and a teammup, and Guts has only gotten stronger with the armor in theory. What if Guts kills Zodd and then griffith offers him a place in the new band, now that would be spicy af

  4. What if zodd is there to go to Guts and turn on Griffith because Griffith is the next big battle he wants?

  5. When you start getting reverse 3 stocked its really easy to get caught up in the momentum of it.

  6. I've run across this with wario some. I'll get ahead a clean 2 stocks and miss a waft and they get that magical missed waft momentum. When I see it happening I try to slow it down again.

  7. My cocker/lab would whine/growl and scoot up on his belly to get attention. He was an attention need slut. Yours reminds me alot of him. He had lab ears instead.

  8. You can pee in it!! My mom had a lime tree when I was young, and I'd pee in it because it was a tree and I was outside as a young boy. Why not? The limes got massive!

  9. We had one with a giant aquarium by us that made it seem like going on an excursion.

  10. Was it in a tube that goes to the ceiling?! Ours had one and I loved it!

  11. As a newer player I’m taking this as advice to never recover low agains a dk

  12. He's got a hell of an up air as well!! That big ass head is insane!

  13. Looks like terpine balls or however you spell it for dabs rigs.

  14. They do at that. Now I want it. ⚪⚪⚪⚪

  15. I wouldn't get random glass or clear balls to do it. Don't want to inhale harmful things.

  16. There are patches of sand in other areas of the tank, and I didn't build the tank for this one fish. Susan.

  17. Ever seen trailer park Boys?? The Susan at the end sounded like j-roc off that show.

  18. Bought weed from him while he was at a cookout and that's how I got it!

  19. Just wanted to say try and think more kindly of your dad mate, he has one point of view and you have another. I doubt he’s doing this to spite you and even if your local fish store can’t tell you anything new it can’t actually hurt to discuss it with them.

  20. This.. So true... I'd recommend pulling your dad to your tank every now and then, and just showing him and telling him about.

  21. Male cherry barb. Males are red, females are kinda light brown with orange streaks

  22. I've got one you can have I don't want the money I just don't like phyduck that much

  23. Thank you for this. Not even my kid but this makes me happy.

  24. my wife brought home 3 mollies and now i have around 20.

  25. went to Hawaii once and found out they dont like loud laughter. they like alohas.

  26. every kid deserves a nintendo child good! it's awesome having 2 girls love to game as much as I do.

  27. Man people keep saying i hope they have a reference to Kentaro. Imo this whole game is a nod to his work. Miyazaki took what he loved about dark fantasy and applied it his own way. Thats why Bloodborne was Incredible. Its HP Lovecrafts work told with Miyazaki twist. This will be Norse Mythology from what i keep hearing? He definitely has something special with his formula though Sekiro im sure has to do with Japanese mythology his own way. With George R.R Martin Holy shit just imagine what they created.

  28. Judging by what we've seen so far, it's definitely the most densely Berserkian game From has ever created. They're not making subtle nods anymore, this time they're putting Guts himself in the actual game, hahah.

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