1. You haven’t finished painting the arms and legs! It’s supposed to be a one-piece right?

  2. Where did you make this review? I can't find a place to make reviews on the Switch shop or Aspyr's site.

  3. I had purchased KOTOR and KOTOR II for iOS, so I left it in the App Store. Is possible it can also be posted as a Google review, though I haven’t attempted it yet.

  4. Wait a sec, Mecha Warehouse is located in NH?! Do they have a physical location? Potentially that’s only like an hour drive for me…

  5. If you use it directly on plastic, you have to use it BEFORE fitting parts together. Otherwise, it’ll find every stress fracture, and will wedge them open til they break.

  6. Prevent: Panel line your parts before removing them from the runners. I’ve only ever had pieces crack when applying panel liner after assembly.

  7. Don’t bother with the Switch Lite. The left thumbstick is notorious for drift. Plus, it doesn’t dock or play on the TV. It’s the bare minimum version.

  8. Idk about master grade times but cutting flush leaves stress marks I can’t get out.

  9. Holy shit. I take like a month on a single MG, and that's just assembling. I might be sanding too much.

  10. I’m the sort who has to finish it in one sitting. Simplest master grade takes 6-ish hours (panel lining and assembly). Most complicated takes up to 15 hours.

  11. Is that Kshatriya beige? Or are the camera’s white balance and my color blindness conspiring against me yet again…?

  12. It probably wouldn’t have been a problem except he’s part of the ‘Party of Family Values’, and pornography clashes with the phony self-righteous morality of the political right.

  13. I haven’t done it myself, but it occurs to me that using a pin vise to drill a hole of the right size in the right spot might allow for a stand to be plugged in, making the shield’s weight independent of Physalis’ grip.

  14. Im also interested in the eventual replies. I expect someone’s going to say “matte topcoat”.

  15. Oh good, so there will be a discovery period that uncovers correspondence between Just Stop Oil and their financiers? Better get the hot seat ready for Aileen Getty’s greasy ass.

  16. The translucence of the red plastic left me the most upset. There’s no reason they shouldn’t have been able to change the formula for greater opacity.

  17. That’s why I use flush-cutting nippers, so if I do have to sand nubs, it’s just a glancing blow, not an excavation.

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