1. The first rank every 1st grade and up Cub Scout earns is Bobcat. It basically means orientation. After that, they work on the rank based on their grade level.

  2. The founding and first four years of your troop is critical history to write down, especially now as you age out and carry that knowledge with you. Interview someone who helped found it and someone who has crossed over since. Tell the story at the Court of Honor. It is so very important that you take this wonderful opportunity seriously and claim your troop's place in history!

  3. My father was the scoutmaster at this troop for 35 years and I have been in scouting for about the same amount of time I understand what’s happening, and I hate to say it but I think someone is steeling

  4. Then contact the CoR, Council, and police and move your kid. It's clearly pervading the pack, not just one bad apple. Like you said, you don't have time for this kind of thing.

  5. Hello all, I'm looking for feedback on the definition of morality that I defend in the article. Any questions, comments, or criticisms would be highly appreciated.

  6. I would say that the human's ontology is not free as it is biologically constricted and so one would need an ontological system in which a person can become free of this constraint to be able to then have a moral system in which freedom is a predicate. Otherwise, there is no morality at all, only force.

  7. So a person who is lacking in the ability to reason, such as youth and those with neurological and functional limitations at the highest cognitive level, would be unable to be free persons in your framework? The social force of public reason would constrain and bind them to a group morality based on its implementation of geniocracy?

  8. Yes, anemia can cause cravings including for food and non-food items (the latter is called pica). Apples are rich in iron and help boost the hemoglobin level in the blood to address anemia. Prune juice, olives and mulberries are the highest iron concentration per fruit portion if you're interested and dried fruit, such as raisins and apricots, and pomegranates are also great iron sources. Try dipping your apples in some peanut butter for added benefit.

  9. For a fruit, compared to other fruits, they are rich in iron. For treating anemia they don't have anywhere near enough.

  10. If you have more than 16 scouts looking for leadership positions--good for you! You presumably have a large troop which means you need to double up on several of those responsibilities: assign ASPLs based on duty categories or patrols; assign one scribe to the newsletter and another to records; have a buglers' corps and special events projects....

  11. It seems to me that they want the insurance to cover the person and so require the person to pay into the insurance.

  12. The ideal resolution is that the patrol encountering the problem would come up with a solution at camp (use a stick, double up scouts in another tent, create a survival shelter, etc), the PL would alert the SPL to the issue and the need to address it more sustainably once home, and then at the post-camp PLC that patrol leader, quartermaster, and SPL would address this and develop a systemic solution for moving forward.

  13. I know a flexitarian. Person doesn't identify with the label but it is appropriate.

  14. I give the option in advance of coming to class with it completed or being paired up with someone in class, making it their choice while facilitating the pairing for those who want it. I then pair them and ask them to find how they have identities that are different then complete the requirement.

  15. Yes, my autocorrect apparently knows the brand name and not the buckwheat porridge. Kasha is what I intended. Thank you!

  16. Do you have whole seeds or ground powder? You can put powder in breakfast foods like oatmeal, kashi, smoothies, yogurt bowls. And seeds on top or anywhere there's nut/seed butter like sandwiches, sweet potatoes, dip for fruit.

  17. Cashew mac and cheeze bake with broccoli and nooch in it, roasted brussels sprouts on the side

  18. Love that I don't know what that one in the middle is and now I get to find out. These are all great ideas thank you

  19. Flextape patched up a car that found a low-slung boulder in the mountains and a trailer that hit some high wind

  20. The trailer hadn't crossed my mind. We never used one in our Pack (we don't have any pack owned equipment), but our new Troop might have one. Not that I've ever towed anything behind a vehicle before :)

  21. Needing a trailer is surprisingly common across different troop domains. Multiple different trailer types for different jobs.

  22. We have to fill out new applications for every new position. Already active and engaged as a YPT-cleared adult in 5 different roles? Still need to fill out a new adult application for an additional position code. Especially with a new charter at recharter, I'd expect just about everyone there to be filling out all new adult apps.

  23. For those adult positions that require a code, my experience has been a maximum of two, whether it's the same unit, council, or multiple councils. What caught my eye, however, was your description of a person in more than two roles -- hopefully just to make the point about the applications. Otherwise as a UC I'd be concerned for the adult who has taken on too much to be effective, and for the unit leadership who maybe depriving someone else who wants to step up. My two cents.

  24. 5 was a random number, but Merit Badge Counselor, Nova Counselor, ASM, Asst Den Leader, or whatever is pretty typical and not of concern where I am. That list basically has an ASM in STEM with an Asst Den Leader task. Limiting to 2 adult codes seems to pose the greater risk of injustice to me.

  25. Public speaking and Communication could have a lot of overlap opportunities, especially if they include any kind of motivational speaking.

  26. This is the PERFECT time to do this! Your rank requirements need 12 weeks. The Physical Fitness Merit Badge requires 12 weeks. Swimming will be SO easy if you do it for 12 weeks. You can have Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1st Class physical fitness requirements plus two merit badges covered all in one go for basically the same effort it would require for any one of them. Plus you will develop an essential life skill you will be very pleased with yourself to have gained. You've got this in the bag.

  27. To your second point, I encourage you to speak with a cheerful and helpful tone and choice of words even when you are frustrated, do not like the answer, or do not know the answer.

  28. Be very careful about taking Ham radio gear to Asia unless you have previously arranged a local Ham license. Also be aware that only a limited range of Ham radios are allowed in Asia, due to not all bands being authorised. Best to contact the local Amateur clubs and ask.

  29. Avoid Jackary and Goal Zero. They use the outdated NMC lithium ion batteries that are only good to 500 charge cycles before hitting 80% or less capacity. You want a Litium Iron Phosphate based system. They are also significantly overpriced even with the Cyber Monday deals.

  30. Not only in the US its with pretty much all airlines. But some allow you to declare them and send them ahead or in special cases - but that’s a bit of a hassle.

  31. I don't have my pulse on the literature climate to recommend a specific program but it sounds like the general category you're describing is Great Books universities. You might consider narrowing your investigations to those in

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