1. I've never watched Ready Steady Cook, my grandparents used to absolutely rave about how great it was but it just never appealed to me.

  2. I totally get the standpoint that JK Rowling is a cunt and I don't agree with her comments that she has made but I can also separate the artist and the art. It is undeniable that she created one of the greatest franchises there is and that franchise has got a lot of people reading books, playing games, watching movies etc. I was one of those kids who didn't read and because of Harry Potter I now do. I'm buying the game because I have waited years for a game like this to come out. I may decide to buy it second hand from CeX or Game but ultimately I will be buying it and will be playing it.

  3. As someone originally from Stranraer, the station is god fucking awful.

  4. Mankind vs The Rock. The Rock is kicking ass with a faction called The Corporation when suddenly GLASS SHATTERS the crowd erupts as Stone Cold Steve Austin storms down to the ring, slides in and smacks the chair against The Rock's head before finally dragging Mankind over him which secures Mankind the WWF Championship. Austin throws his hat at WWF Owner Vince McMahon and swaggers back up the ramp as DX pick up Mankind and celebrate his WWF Championship win.

  5. Dang! I always miss these and I want that game so bad

  6. No. I don't get tipped for doing my shit pay job and I won't be doing it for someone who is doing their job. I'm thankful that my milkman delivers the milk but I shouldn't have to tip, the system should just have everyone paid enough to actually live on. I can't stand this idea of "oh you should tip the waiter/waitress" why? Because they have a hard job that pays minimum wage and deal with abuse? I deal with abuse at my retail job daily too. Just be polite to workers.

  7. If they stop doing that wide shot from the opposite side of the stage that pans in all the fucking time then I'm all for it.

  8. Black Pudding. Never had it but when I met my current partner our first date was for a fry up. She loved black pudding and asked if she could have mine. Gave her mine and have always done since. To this day I claim I hate it and always have and just give it to them every time.

  9. Try veggie black pudding (assuming you're in Scotland as I doubt they stock Simon Howie in RoUK). Tastes more like haggis tbh but still good with a fry up.

  10. [Deleted cause I was being a massive dick] Apologies.

  11. No one did and from the numerous other replies, it's fairly fucking normal.

  12. I literally never give an excuse I just say I'm not going no matter how hard they keep trying to get me to go out.

  13. I had several homeruns now. Right after Fish debuted, I tweeted that Kyle will join soon too and they should be named Undisputed Elite. That was 3? months before the name was official. 😂

  14. The best one I ever seen was someone suggest AJ Styles use Evil Days when he came back to TNA and sure enough the next week he had that song.

  15. Depends on the store. Some have Sales Assistants who do test and some only have management. Find it really depends on the size of the store and staff numbers. By training you to be a Team Leader, is there a vacancy? Is one likely to come up soon?

  16. 😂 no morals 😂 what do you want, Cex to sell it for £450 and offer £200 for it? You'd never get the stock that way. Supply and demand and anyone that gives shit about it just doesn't understand that. If they were offering it at retail but only offering £200 for the console trade in this would be a "bUt WhY iTs A Ps5, nAe cUnT cAn GeT eM, wHaT a ScAm!" You cannot win with the general public.

  17. When someone doesn't get what they want and is really OTT aggressive to me or my colleagues and then comes back the next day to say sorry and we still refuse service/give them what they want because we know they aren't actually sorry and they kick off again.

  18. He never used to be this built, it's only in the last 12-24 months he has got so bulky. When I used to go see him at ICW shows he was good but he's even better now. He'll get noticed, TNA will probably be where he gets scouted from by one of them

  19. I don't know if you're looking for a troll answer or a legitimate answer, I'll veer to legitimate as straight away I thought of my great grans house which smelled of flowers as she had a fresh bunch in every single room. The kitchen smelled like freshly made (Scottish) pancakes every Saturday at 10am and come 5pm smelled of my great grandad's potato soup.

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