1. ASDA mate. They even cook it for you. Massive pizza, tastes pretty good and cheap at around £6 to 8

  2. Dunno how much the cooking costs but one the size of a car tire that’ll feed a family is under a fiver near me I’m sure.

  3. Not sure. But I basically lived off them when I was down south recently.

  4. The chomping and chewing thing really happened to a guy that had a Botfly larva burrow in behind his ear.

  5. I quite like the polish camo. Prettier than Flecktarn imo (bit I'm biased since I see Flecktarn all the time)

  6. Yeah cos pretty is what is looked for in a camo pattern. Also flecktarn is awesome. Also polish pattern is awesome.

  7. I found that Army Painter Speed Paint Orc Green was a pretty decent approximation.

  8. I saw that speed painter wanted white primer. Is black primer okay at all?

  9. Gives very different coverage / colour. I don't tend to zenithal when using speed paint.

  10. Don't pay the ferryman! Don't even fix a price! Until he gets you to the other side

  11. Makes sense now, I’ve been out for years so never saw breast badges. Forearm stuff like marksman and that, yea. So what’s the deal with this then? What made them introduce these breast ones? Makes us look like the yank navy with their million badges they seem to have. I did see a sun dodger a while back with a bomber patrol badge which was a new one on me too. These only worn on 1’s or does the recipient wear them on all their rig

  12. Chest one looks like the surface fleet badge. Not sure what the one on the arm is.

  13. Baby wipes. Use them to clean yourself if water goes. Or even just for a freshen up / cool down.

  14. Finish phase 1 and then transfer. You'll do about 2 days at Raleigh to be kitted out and that's it.

  15. I've heard that once I'm in after phase 1 that'll it would be nigh on impossible to transfer to another service. That's why I thought it might just be easier to DAOR and use that get out of jail card and not risk being stuck somewhere for next few years.

  16. I know plenty of people that have made the jump after phase 1 or 2. I just takes a decent CoC.

  17. Eating noodles still reminds me of the smell of Garenlochhead

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